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Skylanders Swap Force Doom Stone Review and Code – YouTube

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via Skylanders Swap Force Doom Stone Review and Code – YouTube.

via Skylanders Swap Force Doom Stone Review and Code – YouTube.

Doom Stone and Kick Off Countdown Come to Toys R Us

Hey Addicts!

Yeah I know it’s been a while since I posted anything I’m sorry guys but life sucks sometimes and you have to re-group before you can continue on. Ok life lesson over lol! Let’s talk Skylanders shall we?

Ok if you don’t already know Doom Stone is coming to Toys R Us 5/13/14 that is 2 days away!

Can you say stoked!!! I couldn’t make it out to the Time Square event in NYC so I missed out on grabbing him early. I have looked forward to have him added to my collection. There have been some Portal Masters that already have snagged Doom Stone at Wal-Mart stores on the West Coast according to

If you want to play the “Everyday I’m Hunting” game then by all means go for it, but I’m waiting until Tuesday personally.

In other Skylanders News looks like Kick Off Count Down will also make an appearance at TRU as well but it won’t be until 5/18/14. He has been a figure most of you and I included have been anticipating on being released. I like soccer so it is a must have for my collection.

Heads up all UK Portal Masters that don’t know Doom Stone has already been released you can find him at your local Smyths Toys for only £14.99! If you still need to add him to your collection get to your local Smyths or go to their website and order him today.


Well that’s it for now guys if I find out any more info I will be sure to let you know as always. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Day At Toys R Us Time Square-Update

Hey Addicts!

I’m over excited I woke up this morning to an email from Activision about the Skylanders Day Event. Check out it out!





Fans in Line to be Among the First to Receive the Final Skylanders SWAP Force Character Before it Hits Store Shelves


Activision Publishing, Inc. and Toys”R”Us® are giving fans the rare opportunity to receive a complimentary Skylanders® toy at a special Toys”R”Us Times Square event celebrating Skylanders Day! Before the final Skylanders SWAP Force character, Doom Stone, is released to the public, the first 500 Portal Masters to line up at The World’s Greatest Toy Store™ on Wednesday, April 23, will be among the first to get their hands on this must-have figure.*


Fans attending the event will get the chance to meet Skylanders costumed characters, experience the bestselling kids’ videogame franchise at in-store gaming kiosks and receive other fun Skylanders giveaways.


Eager consumers can also take advantage of the following Skylanders deals and discounts, valid only at Toys”R”Us Times Square, on Wednesday, April 23:


  • SAVE $25 Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack (Was $64.99; Now $39.99)
  • BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF ALL Skylanders figures and accessories – prices vary**



Toys”R”Us Times Square, Lower Level

1514 Broadway (at 44th Street), New York, NY

4pm Eastern



*All giveaways and event materials are available while supplies last and will be distributed to braceleted event participants only. Limit one per customer. Quantities limited; no rain checks.


**Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest priced item purchased. Excludes all clearance items.

This is going to be a BOOMTASTIC day! I had a blast last year hopefully everything works out and I can get to the event this year.

I hope that all you guys in the area will be able to take advantage of the sales and enjoy the event. If you do attend send us pictures let us see how you spent your Skylanders Day! Until next time cath you on the SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Day Comes Back To Toys R Us Time Square



Hey Addicts! This is exciting news! If you remember last year there was an event in New York City where Activision gave away Ninjini before she was released. Now this year they are doing it again and they are giving away the much-anticipated Doom Stone figure. April 23rd is the big day for the event there will be giveaways and a game kiosk for portal masters to enjoy. I’m hoping to make it to this event as well, but not sure I’ll be able to make it. If you can get out to the event do so cause this is going to be a great day! Hit the link to get more info on the event. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!  Image – TinyPic – Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting. via Image – TinyPic – Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting.

Doom Stone Variant Spotted on Ebay

Hey Addicts!

Someone is selling the final variant of the half and half colored Skylanders Swap Force figures. Who is it do you ask??? It’s DOOM STONE! and he is the coolest of the three variants in my opinion. I’m happy to see Doom Stone was chosen as the final variant like most of you he is a character I am really anticipating to be released. Don’t know where the seller got the figure from, but some portal masters on Dark Spyro are speculating that he/she maybe an employee or some one close to an employee of Activision because they are also selling the employee editions of Fire Kraken and a Smolder Dash as well as 2014 Toy Fair Edition Dune Bug. If you are interested to get this or any of the others listed go to ebay and check it out I’m sure they are going to sell for tons of money. Heck they maybe entered into the You Paid That Much For A Skylander Hall of Fame lol! Check out the pic below and let me know what you think about it. Special thanks to GrowUpKids for sending me the pic and Dark Spyro User newkill for originally posting it. Well that’s it for now catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!

Doom Stone Variant

DoomStone Coming To Toys R Us?






Hope all you portal masters are having a great Saturday!

I’m making my blogging debut here for Skylander Addicts & Collectibles. I go by the name Noe. A little background on me is I have been a fan/collector since Skylanders debuted. I originally got into the game because it was a Spyro game and the new technology it offered. Since then I and my family have turned into fanatics over the games and enjoy every aspect of them.

Now as we’ve heard and seen there seems to be rumors floating around about a possible Doom Stone release at Toys R Us on Sunday due to new displays being setup at the front of the stores in what is known as the “feature shop” area. These rumors are unfortunately FALSE. The displays being setup are for the Toys R Us “official” Springtime edition Skylanders release. The displays are quite eye catching though as you can see from the pictures in the gallery.

In other news there seems to be a lot more single pack Voodoods and Warnados making their way to the pegs at Toys R Us (currently $6.25 this week). So if you are still needing these two great “Forgotten 8” then give your local store a call. TRU is also running a different colored clearance tag sale with discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off items including many of the SSA and SG storage options and plushes. Until next time; keep the portal active and your landers safe.


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