DoomStone Coming To Toys R Us?






Hope all you portal masters are having a great Saturday!

I’m making my blogging debut here for Skylander Addicts & Collectibles. I go by the name Noe. A little background on me is I have been a fan/collector since Skylanders debuted. I originally got into the game because it was a Spyro game and the new technology it offered. Since then I and my family have turned into fanatics over the games and enjoy every aspect of them.

Now as we’ve heard and seen there seems to be rumors floating around about a possible Doom Stone release at Toys R Us on Sunday due to new displays being setup at the front of the stores in what is known as the “feature shop” area. These rumors are unfortunately FALSE. The displays being setup are for the Toys R Us “official” Springtime edition Skylanders release. The displays are quite eye catching though as you can see from the pictures in the gallery.

In other news there seems to be a lot more single pack Voodoods and Warnados making their way to the pegs at Toys R Us (currently $6.25 this week). So if you are still needing these two great “Forgotten 8” then give your local store a call. TRU is also running a different colored clearance tag sale with discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off items including many of the SSA and SG storage options and plushes. Until next time; keep the portal active and your landers safe.


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