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Rocket Man..Err Goblin!

Happy New Years portal masters!

Let’s start 2015 off with a blast in the US!

The Gamestop exclusive light rocket trap with Rebel Lob Goblin variant is now starting to appear in US stores. Check with your local store.


Happy Hunting,

Wave 3 added to Lost Islands & Pet Vac coming soon?!?!?

Literally just in time for the holidays, Lost Islands has been updated with wave 3 characters, snow, and even a Christmas tree quest!

It also appears Pet Vac will be making his way to shelves soon in a buddy pack with Full Blast Jet-Vac at Walmart.

How is this concluded you ask? Well he now appears in Lost Islands but Breeze does not, who would be his package partner in the elemental mini pack.


Keep your eyes open!
– Noe


Hey hey US portal masters! Got some great news for you all this evening!

New Minis have ARRIVED!!!
The fire and water mini packs are now out at Toys R Us and Walmart. Get yours today.

Plus…kaos trap got a little easier
Included with the deliveries of the minis is more random trap cases but each case now contains 2 kaos traps no matter what. This means odds have now increased greatly of finding the most elusive trap!



Happy Hunting,

US TRU midnight release list

Here’s the list of TRU US stores doing a midnight release. Check for your local one.

  • NOE

Activate & Activision Account Merger

Good morning fellow portal masters and their respective parents/guardians.

Just a heads up for those of you who play the Skylanders mobile games. Activate accounts and Activision accounts will be merging in September.

If you have both or one you will be receiving an email (see below ) about validating your account(s) before the merger or they will become inactive.

If you have neither or were unable to create an activate account after they stopped offering them, you will be able to create an Activision account to use with the games.

The email is as follows…
“IMPORTANT: Action required to retain access to your Activision accounts.

You are receiving this email because you have both an Activision online account and an ACTIVATE mobile account registered to the above email address.

To simplify account management we plan to merge these two accounts into a single account. All of your saved data will be preserved and available in the single account. The account password will be the same as your original Activision account.

To merge these two accounts into a single account, please click on the links below. You must click both links below by August 18th to retain access to your account data:

Activision console account validation: click here

ACTIVATE mobile account validation: click here

If you do not click on both of the above links, both your Activision online account and ACTIVATE mobile account will be marked inactive as of September 2, 2014 and access will no longer be possible. In addition, please note that if your account becomes inactive your game data and/or progress may be lost.

We appreciate your taking time to help us simplify and improve our service to our dedicated community of gamers.

Thank you”

Happy gaming,

FUZZY Springtime Trigger Happy info…The latest!

Happy Thursday all,

I have been making numerous trips to Toys R Us over the last few days to garnish whatever information I can get about the Fuzzy Springtime Trigger Happy coming out tomorrow. Here’s a quick breakdown of the info:

There is only Fuzzy Springtime Trigger Happy per case. Most stores only received 1 case. Stores open at their normal hours, so it is first come first served (Remember to keep it civil please lol)

Associates were instructed earlier this weak to “pull” all the normal Springtime Trigger Happy figures and backstock them for Friday. This was done for a couple reasons; one being corporate instituted a POS (register) lock on the figure since the Fuzzy has the same barcode. The other being that the Fuzzy will be mixed in on the pegs with the other 11 Springtime Trigs from the case plus whatever they pulled off the shelves thereby creating a sort of “easter egg” hunt.

So if this figure is something you are really wanting I suggest you get there early portal masters!

Happy Hunting,



It’s Monday which means back to the daily grind for many. But, it also means new weekly deals started yesterday and there’s some great ones for Skylanders.

With Easter coming up, these deals could help fill your little portal master’s basket or your own. (Extra money saving tip at the bottom)

Let’s start with the obvious and the best deals this week, Toys R Us
This week they are offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on ALL Skylander Giants and Skylander Spyro’s Adventure figures $15.99 or less.
As well as BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF ALL Skylanders Swap Force figures. So essentially every figure that isn’t in an adventure or battle pack from all 3 games is on sale!!!
They are also offering Skylander Swap Force starter packs for 50% OFF, making them $37.49.


Let’s move on to Target.
Their major deal this week is Skylander Swap Force starters for $39.99, which isn’t as good as Toys R Us is offering but you can always price match to save some money.
They also have a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE going on for all Skylander Swap Force figures.

target ad 2



target ad 1

Moving on to GameStop.

The only good deals they are offering this week are $40 OFF the Skylanders Swap Force Dark starter pack, making it $59.99. They are also offering BUY 2 GET 1 FREE on figures.

gamestop ad

All of these are great deals for those just starting out or looking to expand their collections.

To make it even sweeter!
If you have been to McDonalds and gotten a Happy Meal Skylanders Swap Force toy, then you got a great manufacturer coupon for $10 OFF any Skylanders Swap Force starter pack. Used in conjunction with any of the starter pack deals this week brings the price to below $30!

Happy Hunting Portal Masters,


DoomStone Coming To Toys R Us?






Hope all you portal masters are having a great Saturday!

I’m making my blogging debut here for Skylander Addicts & Collectibles. I go by the name Noe. A little background on me is I have been a fan/collector since Skylanders debuted. I originally got into the game because it was a Spyro game and the new technology it offered. Since then I and my family have turned into fanatics over the games and enjoy every aspect of them.

Now as we’ve heard and seen there seems to be rumors floating around about a possible Doom Stone release at Toys R Us on Sunday due to new displays being setup at the front of the stores in what is known as the “feature shop” area. These rumors are unfortunately FALSE. The displays being setup are for the Toys R Us “official” Springtime edition Skylanders release. The displays are quite eye catching though as you can see from the pictures in the gallery.

In other news there seems to be a lot more single pack Voodoods and Warnados making their way to the pegs at Toys R Us (currently $6.25 this week). So if you are still needing these two great “Forgotten 8” then give your local store a call. TRU is also running a different colored clearance tag sale with discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off items including many of the SSA and SG storage options and plushes. Until next time; keep the portal active and your landers safe.


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