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Skylanders Superchargers Misprints

Hello all how you lot keeping?

So this time round while I’ve been out hunting I came across a few error prints of the new “sky slicer” here’s a pic


As u can see it’s in the correct box it’s just the name that’s wrong!! In past years some collectors have went crazy for these ! Myself I’m undecided not to sure as to open it or keep it sealed. Are they going to be rare or common this time round with skylanders superchargers? I’m gonna say no not that rare as everything has been rushed to get ready for an early release this time round.


Here’s a pic I took while in store! I only bought 1 so there were still 2 left for others to buy.

Anyway it’s been nice to have a chat with you all again and share my new recent info even if it is just what I’ve found in my local store.

Until next time happy hunting and good luck chasing the chase figures if you are.
We now have


Gold Hot Streak


and Patina High Volt. Be sure to enter our Facebook and Twitter contests catch you later. #skylandersassist #skylanderaddicts

Pre Order Supercharger Variants

Hey all! How ya doing?

You getting excited much? It almost here!!!
Well the variants are now beginning to pop up a little bit of everywhere, now we know of 4 different variants, YES 4!!!

First we have the Supercharger Frightful Fiesta Variant. He is the latest Skylander to join the Holiday Variants and he looks pretty BA! He is exclusive to GameStop stores you can pre-order him here.





Next up is Steel Plated Smash Hit! His is one gusty squirrel. This variant is exclusive to Best Buy just so get your pre-order in asap!  Doesn’t Smash Hit remind you of a Best Buy variant from the past? You can preorder this awesome figure here.

Of course we knew there would be Legendary Skylanders as always, but I was totally surprised to see Jet Vac be chosen again. I wonder why they decide to use him instead of another fresh Skylander? He still looks awesome and of course he is only available at Toys R Us stores pre-order him here.


And finally we have Nitro Stealth Stinger this variant is exclusive to Target you can pre-order this figure here.


I wonder if there will also be variants of Fiestas vehicle to match the figure as well as Jet Vac’s? Will we be seeing a Nitro Stealth Elf? Who else will we see become variants? I’m not sure I can take many more surprises, but on the other hand Activision please keep them coming! Until next time see u on the skyside!

Uk Preoreder Info for Skylanders Superchargers

Well hello all, how ya all keeping? Are your collections getting big now??? Were always happy to see images of your collections but to get to the reason for this post today….

If you’re from the UK and you’re still needing to put down your preorder for the new Skylanders Superchargers then you will be glad you are reading this post!!!

It’s been brought to my attention today that are taking preorder for the new game due for UK release on September 25th 2015 it is free postage and once u see these prices your gonna want to order yours today!!!

I will include some screen shots of the preorder offer for all consoles.



Amazing deal right? This is online now and I don’t know how long they will last at this price do get it ordered asap.

Until next time my looney lander lot happy hunting and see you on the Skyside!

#skylanders #zavvi #superchargers

Super Boomtastic Sale at Toys R Us UK

Evening Skylander Addicts! Got a bit of info for our UK readers.

After a call from my friend who works at Toys R Us today I flew straight over to grab myself a bargain, get some images, and info to share with you all!


The first thing I noticed at my local store was that there was a nice amount of light and dark element packs in stock. If you still need one contact your local store you may get lucky. They also have a ton of traps in stock as you can see in the image.


I then saw that the Skylanders Swap Force Island Fun-Play Hide-Away Play-sets are on clearance at £17.99 that is a steal! The Swap Force Flynn’s Airship Play-set is £14.99 another great bargain if you’re looking for one!!


The best deal of the day for me was being able to take advantage of the 7 inch Android Swap Force Tablet sale. They are on clearance for ONLY £19.99!!! Such a great deal I had to grab one for me self and the wife.




You can get the play sets online at, but the Tablet deals are in store only so call around to see if there are anymore in stock in your area. Be quick because once they are gone they are gone! Good Luck and Happy Hunting! Hope you can get out there and grab yourself a bargain.

New Trap Villain Variant!

Hi all! How’s your collections coming along?
I have a bit of info that you may find interesting, the new villain variant “rebel lob goblin”





Is out now for purchase in Australia the release date for the US is January 10, 2015 at GameStop stores. As always there is no date for the UK but when I know u will all know!

I would like to personally wish you all a happy new year from everyone @ #skylanderaddicts and #skylandersassist happy hunting into 2015 and we will see you on the skyside!

Skylanders comic uk

Ok afternoon all hope your day is going well I’ve came across this bit of information that I think a lot of you in the uk will want to know…
So it turns out that #whsmiths will be selling the hardback copy of the new comic and it’s only £5.25.
(Here’s the link)
It’s release date is 30 sept 14 so that’s only 2 days away.
Happy hunting and see u all on the skyside.

Twin Pack Gills

Hi again you looney Lander lot this time round I have info on the twin pack which will be sold at TESCO in the UK.

Again this figure is also priced really well at only £13.50 and this too is available for preorder now so here’s the link to get yours now to avoid missing out.

This is a twin pack containing S4 Gill Grunt (Tidal Wave Gill) and Gill Runt who unlike the original sidekick version released a few years ago now he will be able to be played and upgraded as a normal figure can!!! Exciting!!!



P.S. The image shown is the Walmart version but just click the link and it will take you there.

Until next time see you all on the SKYSIDE.

Nitro Krypt King

Hi my Lander lot so a little bit info for all our UK collectors.

Nitro Krypt King can now be preordered from ASDA in the UK and it has a price tag of only £13 which I personally think is a really good price for a variant Trap Master…


Here’s the link for u all so get preordering to guarantee you get yours.—Skylanders-Trap-Team-Character—Nitro-Krypt-King/003754871,default,pd.html?dual=0




This is gonna be a must have for all collectors, and I know I’m definitely getting it!

Toysrus uk sale

For all people in the uk that are missing figures from there swapforce collection and don’t have a great amount of money spare here’s some info you will want to know!
From 15/9/2014 which is tomorrow toysrus will be have a large clear out of swap force stock with there figures reduced down to £3.99 and if u don’t have the game yet then get a starter pack which will be reduced to £14.99

If you don’t have hex from ssa that is reduced to only 96p! That’s right a brand new figure in the box for less that a quid

Happy hunting and I hope this saves you all a few quid and ill see u on the skyside.

Trap Team Prices Wave 1 Toys R Us UK


trap-team-cover photo

Good afternoon my looney lander lot, today I received info about the price lists of the figures in uk toy store @toyrus

Single figures £9.99
Adventure packs £24.99
Legendary Jaw Breaker £12.49
Legendary Adventure pack £24.99
Legendary Déjà Vu £9.99
Minis wave 1 and 2 £14.99
Trap masters £14.99
Traps £5.99
Triple packs £14.99

I personally don’t think the prices are too high just about the same as swap force really, there was no info as to what figures will be in what packs but if u go off other blogs on the #skylanderaddicts website you can work it out easily.

See u all on the skyside and happy hunting to all u collectors out there…

Unfortunately there was no info about this yet for the uk but hopefully that will change in the next week or so



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