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Doom Stone Variant Spotted on Ebay

Hey Addicts!

Someone is selling the final variant of the half and half colored Skylanders Swap Force figures. Who is it do you ask??? It’s DOOM STONE! and he is the coolest of the three variants in my opinion. I’m happy to see Doom Stone was chosen as the final variant like most of you he is a character I am really anticipating to be released. Don’t know where the seller got the figure from, but some portal masters on Dark Spyro are speculating that he/she maybe an employee or some one close to an employee of Activision because they are also selling the employee editions of Fire Kraken and a Smolder Dash as well as 2014 Toy Fair Edition Dune Bug. If you are interested to get this or any of the others listed go to ebay and check it out I’m sure they are going to sell for tons of money. Heck they maybe entered into the You Paid That Much For A Skylander Hall of Fame lol! Check out the pic below and let me know what you think about it. Special thanks to GrowUpKids for sending me the pic and Dark Spyro User newkill for originally posting it. Well that’s it for now catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!

Doom Stone Variant

New Swap Force Variants Sited

Hey Addicts!

I have some awesome news for you guys! I got a message from a buddy of mine yesterday on Facebook. He sent me two pictures of the latest variants. I must say these are the weirdest of all the variants we have seen thus far. You will understand why I said that once I tell you what they look like. The first picture was of Stink Bomb the top half of his body is Silver and the bottom half is Gold weird right? Well I’m not done yet. The next picture is of Trap Shadow but he is a little different his top half is Bronze and his bottom half is Silver. So is it safe for us to assume we can expect to see another Swappable variant with the top half being gold and the bottom being bronze? I think so. I haven’t seen any of them up on ebay yet but I was told the variants were found over seas in the UK. I suggest keeping an eye out as they may turn up soon in wild here in the US. Check out the pictures in the gallery to see exactly what they look like. What do you think about the new variants? Do you like them? Will you be getting them? Leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are. Special Thanks to GrowUpKids for sending me the pics. Good Luck and Happy Hunting Addicts! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Special Thanks go to Jeffrey Verdickt for sharing the photo of the Stink Bomb Variants he found in Belgium.

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