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Gotta Get Them All! Skylanders Wave 4 Updates & Rumors


Hey Addicts!

It’s your friendly neighborhood Skylander Addict here with some more rumors about wave 4. Could they be true? Well, that is the point of rumors isn’t? Putting us on edge hoping and praying that what is said is totally true??? As much as some people hate rumors they are what fuel social media outlets everywhere. Some of us can’t wait to hear the next hot piece of juicy gossip. So much that we will start our own rumors and state them as true hence why we have so many tabloids and urban legends.

Well to celebrate the spirit of good old rumors here are a few that may tickle your fancy…

Rumor 1:

Walmart may be releasing the Easter Edition Skylanders before Best Buy releases theirs.

Some Portal Masters have seen some really cool displays show up in Walmart stores with the Easter Skylanders on them. We haven’t physically seen any of them stocked in the displays, but we have seen some wave 4 core figures like Fire Bone Hot Dog and Scratch as well LightCore Enchanted Star Strike appear in these displays at locations here in the US. SpringTime Trigger Happy has been sighted on the West Coast. So keep your eyes peeled as it looks we just may get an Easter surprise early.

Rumor 2: 

Jade Fire Kraken is coming soon!

There where a few rumors and speculations Jade Fire Kraken being released on St. Patrick’s Day at Target like Jade FlashWing was with last years Giants release. So much for that theory because as we all know there was no release at all for Jade Fire Kraken. Now that is not to say that he isn’t going to turn up soon we just don’t know when as of yet. But we do know that Jade Fire Kraken will not I REPEAT WILL NOT! be a Target exclusive

Rumor 3:

Doom Stone was suppose to be released with this latest wave.

When I called one of my local Toys R Us stores to ask about wave 4 swappers and core figures the sales associated informed me they had just gotten there shipment of swappers but no new core figures or Doom Stone. O_o He said that they where suppose to be getting Doom Stone in this wave but never got him. Don’t know if he was removed from this wave and saved for a later release or if this is complete utter BS and the TRU employee just didn’t know what he was talking about. I have since checked with some of my other sources and they have heard nothing, so I’m going with BS.

Rumor 4:  

Nitro Freeze Blade and Nitro Magna Charge are coming to Target tomorrow.

EHHHHHHHH! Wrong! We may see some stores putting them up on the shelf, but the register has them locked so they can’t be sold until Sunday 3/23/14. Which isn’t to bad at least we will be able to get them this weekend so we can get a little excited… Ok a lot of excited lol!


Last but certainly not least our final rumor and biggest one of them all!

Rumor 5: 

Skylander Addicts is shut down!

I was asked by a few people if the Skylander Addicts store page is closed. Well it is but just for now it will be back eventually just right now I am working towards giving you nothing but entertaining and up to the minute info about your favorite Skylanders and other HOT Toys! We still will continue to help our readers try to finish up there collections the shop just won’t be open for the time being. I would like to say to everyone that has shown me and Skylander Addicts their support from the bottom of my heart thank you very much. I have a lot of stuff planned for the future, so get comfy, find a spot to SKYLAX on this crazy airship I call a blog, and enjoy the ride! 🙂

By the way, if you still are looking for Wave 4 Core Skylanders you may want to call your local Toys R Us. I heard from fellow addict GrowUpKids that they had Scratch, Fire Bone Hot Dog, Turbo Jet Vac, and Fryno at his local store. Good Luck!

Check out the gallery below to see pictures of the Skylanders covered in this post. Also, If you are not already take a minute to follow this blog and our other social networks to keep getting sweet updates! Become a Skylander Addict today and get your fix when ever you need it! Until next time, Happy Hunting! I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Skylanders Swap Force Hunting Enchanted Star Strike – YouTube

Finally! Check out another cool video from Bryan’s Toy Haven. 

Skylanders Swap Force Hunting Enchanted Star Strike – YouTube.

via Skylanders Swap Force Hunting Enchanted Star Strike – YouTube.

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Enchanted Star Strike Finally Coming To The US

Hey Addicts!

Boy did this news catch me off guard! So I got word from a buddy of mine that his Walmart just got a shipment of Enchanted Star Strike figures and would have on the shelf tomorrow 3/14/14 going by the street date on the boxes. I was also told that the “Spring Edition” Skylander figures are street dated for 4/1/14. Now again this guy has never given me bad info so I will be hitting up my local Walmart store after I go to Toys R Us this weekend.

These are just rumors, but coming from my source I believe we can bank on seeing more figures released very soon. I’m really happy to see so many figures coming out, but my credit card is screaming at me for swiping it so much (LOL!) Check out the pics in the gallery of Enchanted Star Strike and don’t forget about the contests we have going on right now. You could be the winner of a brand new Swap Force Scratch or Heavy Duty Sprocket! Check out our Facebook page for more info:

Happy Hunting everyone! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Skylanders Swap Force Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade Release Info! – YouTube

Here’s another video from Skylander Addicts and Bryan’s Toy Haven. Enjoy! #SKYLANDERADDICTS

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Skylanders Swap Force Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade Release Info! – YouTube.

via Skylanders Swap Force Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade Release Info! – YouTube.

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Skylanders Wave 4 Hunting and Contest Time!!! – YouTube

Hey Addicts!

Just wanted to share some news with you all we have partnered up with fellow addict Bryan G. over at Bryan’s Toy Haven to bring you all kinds of cool videos and contests. Check out the video below for a look at wave 4 and details to enter the Scratch Fever Contest. Where the winner will receive a brand new in the box Scratch Skylanders Swap Force figure for free! Do us a favor and subscribe to the channels please. Thanks in advance! Catch you on the SKYSIDE! Enjoy the video!

Skylanders Wave 4 Hunting and Contest Time!!! – YouTube.

via Skylanders Wave 4 Hunting and Contest Time!!! – YouTube.

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Skylanders Wave 4 Hits Wal-Mart Stores

Oh YEAH! A new wave has been spotted at Wal-mart’s on the West Coast according to members of Dark Spyro and other Skylanders Fan Pages on Facebook. I personally have not had the pleasure of getting any of these yet. I do have a buddy that just scored doubles of the wave from California. If you are on the West Coast and haven’t already gotten this wave from your local Wal-Mart I’d get to hunting before they are gone. Hot Dog looks so freaking cool! I have been waiting on him to be released as well as the others, but Hot Dog is one of my favorite characters. I am wondering where Punk Shock is? Or will she just be apart of the Best Buy Exclusives for now??? Take a look a the pic below to see what they all look like. Special thanks go to Edwin Johnson for sharing the pic. Catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Enchanted Star Strike At Walmart

Oh Boy! Do I have some good news for all you addicts out there. Today while I was doing my usual search for new stuff I came across a post on Dark Spyro. Dark Spyro reader spyroflame0487 shared this photo of Light Core Enchanted Star Strike found at a local Wal-Mart store.


I guess it is safe to assume that each store now has there own exclusives now like Toys R Us. Meaning we will be seeing Legendary Figures at Toys R Us, Enchanted Figures at Wal-Mart, and Nitro Figures at Target. I’m getting ready to go out and grab one or 2 for myself. Special thanks go out to spyroflame0487 for sharing the photo. Good luck on the hunt everyone catch you on the SKYSIDE!

New Variants! Game Stop Black Friday Ad LEAKED!

Hey Addicts!

Since the release of Skylanders Swap-Force things have been heating up as retailers are gearing up for Black Friday. Nintendo Everything has obtained a copy of the 2013 Game Stop Black Friday Ad. There are some great deals coming up on starter packs, but the thing that has caught everyone’s attention and mine is the Wii U bundle being offered. Just like the Gnarly Tree Rex Blue Wii Bundle that came with the release of Skylanders Giants, the Wii U bundle also has an Exclusive! The bundle comes with a White Wii U, a new Portal of Power, the new Swap Force game and three figures that includes what looks like a Gold Wash Buckler Variant. The Bundle is $299.99 so for those of you that don’t have the Wii U this will be an awesome deal!

There also is news of a Green Riptide set to be released. The Skylanders Boy and Girl’s Facebook page has a picture of the Skylanders Game’s Youtube channel’s new episode of the Boomcast! In the picture you see the host holding a translucent Green Riptide resembling the translucent Green Gill Grunt Wal-Mart released in there bundle last year. It is still no information on where this new variant will be released, but The Skylander Dad seems to think it may also be a Wal-Mart Exclusive if Activision follows it previous release pattern. We will just have to wait and see what happens. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until I can get my hands on these two guys! Looks like the hunt has just gotten more intense! If anyone gets there hands on the figures first please share pictures with us. That’s it for now catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!

MONSTER SCORE!!! Target Deal Plus New Finds at Wal-Mart

Hey Addicts!

Been a little while since I put up a post I been a little under the weather. Feeling better now and wanted to do some hunting. I went out yesterday and was trying to find the Frito Lay bags to no avail. I did however take advantage of the deal everyone has been talking about. I got 2 Starter Packs for for $3.38! How you may ask well her is how I did it and you can too, but only until tomorrow. What you do is go to your local Target store with a coupon from the McDonalds Happy Meal Promo and buy a Pre-Order Card for $1. You select what starter pack you want and take it to the front so it can be price matched. You ask them to look up the weekly ad for Toys R Us which has starter packs for $39.99 this week. The cashier will price match the starter it will be $69.99 at first but once price matched it will be 39.99. You then use the coupon that comes with the pre-order card that you just bought which gives you $30.00 off of a starter pack. The $39.99 starter now is $9.99 now for the final step. You give them the McDonalds coupon you brought with you and it will take off $10 from the starter pack. BAM! you now are only paying for the pre-order card which after tax at my Target was $1.69. I got Skylanders Giants for both XBOX and Wii U totaling $3.38. I then went to good old Wally World better known as Wal-Mart and found three things I have been waiting for. I already scored the Skylanders Universe Ultimate Sticker Collection by DK Publishing last week thanks to my wife which is an awesome book by the way.


It has over 1,000 reusable full-color stickers and 32 pages for you to create your own battle scenes. Ok back to what I found this week first thing was this…


Skylanders Giants Master Eon’s Official Guide this is the second or part two of the last guide published by Grosset & Dunlap. 176 pages full of Skylanders Giants information plus you get a special poster as well.

Next I saw this…


The World’s Greatest Word Game MAD LIBS! I remember doing these back in school they were fun then and still fun now. If you know what a mad lib is you take words from other people and plug them in the blanks to come up with funny little stories. This would be great for road trips with the kids or just on lazy afternoons to have some family fun.


Finally what I have been dying for the most is part two to The Mask Of Power novels by Onk Beakman. The one is titled Gill Grunt and The Curse of The Fish Master it is a story about Gill Grunt of course! the back cover story reads as follows:

As sea creatures gang up on the landlubbers of Skylands and the mermainds of Last Chance Cove abandon their underwater kingdom, Gill Grunt embarks on an incredible adventure.

I have been waiting to see what was next in this series as I enjoyed the first book. Can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy things Gill Grunt faces in this one. All three books where about $20 so check your local Wal-Mart for these awesome books! Hope you enjoy the pics and check out what I scored at Target below. That’s all for now catch you guys on the Skyside!


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