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More Violet Metallic Variants on Ebay!

Hey Addicts!

Quick update! So first I told you about the Violet Lighting Rod and I earlier today re-blogged a post from portalflip about Violet Wrecking Ball. Now there also seems to be a Violet Metallic Eye-Brawl as well (check the pic below)


At first I was again a bit skeptical, but one of our group members Marty Jordan sent me a link to an Ebay seller that had the purple eye-brawl listed. I’m still looking into it some more so I’ll keep you updated if I find out it is a fake. I would post a link, but I don’t condone scalping prices. I understand the need to have them all if you are a completist like myself, but $599 is completely ridiculous! Well looks like the hunt may have just gotten a bit more exciting! 3 new variants to track down good luck Addicts and Portal Masters. Anyone that gets there hands on them before we do send us some pics we would love to see them! Until next time catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!    

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