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Winterfest Lob-Star Hits UK Stores Soon

WinterFest_Lob-Star_PackshotHey Addicts!

Yesterday I announced that Winterfest Lob-Star is coming to retailers soon in the US, but I didn’t know about a UK release. Well that is no longer the case as GAME UK will be stocking the shelves with this in-game variant as early as December 1st. But wait that isn’t all! If you are a GAME Skylanders Club Member you will get early access to this beautiful figure on November the 29th.

Also I know alot of you have asked about the Kaos Trap and the 8-Pack Trap Pack well I have a little info for you on that as well.


Looks like GAME has received a shipment of Kaos Traps in very limited quantity so If you are still looking I would head down to your local GAME store before he sells out again. As for the 8-Pack Trap Pack Argos has had it listed for a long time with no release date, but there is a rumor that it will be hitting shelves the first week of December as well. trap-key-8-packThe 8-Pack is the only way you will get the rare Tiki Tech Trap and the in-game villain variant Steamed Broccoli Guy so be on the look out for these so you don’t miss out. If they are released anything like they are here in the states stock will be very limited so make sure to get yours immediately or be forced to duke it out EBay style. I Hope this bit of data helps you out on your hunt this holiday season. Well I’m going to get some lunch and keep looking for more deals for all you addicts out there. Until next time I’ll catch you on the “SKYSIDE!”

Editors Note: Kaos Trap has unfortunately SOLD OUT, but keep checking with your local GAME store I’m sure he will turn up again.

New Skylanders Trap Team Characters and Villains: Lob-Star, Fist Bump, Deja Vu and More – TheHDRoom

Hey Addicts!

There are some great images and back stories in this article from the HDRoom. Enjoy!

New Skylanders Trap Team Characters and Villains: Lob-Star, Fist Bump, Deja Vu and More – TheHDRoom.

via New Skylanders Trap Team Characters and Villains: Lob-Star, Fist Bump, Deja Vu and More – TheHDRoom.

Skylanders Trap Team Character Images Released


Hey Addicts!

Man today is a good day! Just recently I was doing some surfing and visited the official Skylanders website and I noticed that it has changed. There are a bunch of images up now of the new Trap Team characters. There are images of both Skylanders and Villains some we have not seen before! Check out the gallery below to see all the names and images of the characters we can expect to see in the new game thus far. You can also start your wishlist for the holidays as Christmas time is right around the corner. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Check Out The Villains!


Hey Addicts!

Check this out! This is a pic of the all the villains we know so far and some we don’t. They look awesome! Who are you excited to trap and play with? Thanks to UK Portal Master and fellow Addict Nick Austin for posting the pic check out his group Portal Masters United on Facebook. Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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