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Variants Galore! Images And More!

Hey Addicts!

I posted most of this info on the FB page but wanted to do an updated compiled post on the expected and spotted variants from Superchargers.

We already know about Happy Thrillapede but there is another easter/spring variant coming in 2016 and it’s a vehicle! Feast your eyes on this!


Purdy isn’t it? This is Spring Dive Bomber no release date has been announced yet on either of the spring variants I will keep you all posted when I get more info. If this spring release stays true to earlier releases there is still one more unannounced spring variant. I wonder who it will be if they decide to stick to the formula?

Next up we have what I like to call Patina High Volt this is one cool looking variant first in the series to have this type of paint job.


This is what is called a chase variant. I will break the meaning of the word “chase” down further for those of you that have no clue what I am talking about in my next guide. In a nut shell this will be a very rare and hard to get figure. One that collector’s will “chase” after for years to come. I hope we will see more variants like this who do you think will be next to get a chase makeover?

Speaking of “chase” have you had the chance to catch this sweet “chase variant” while out on the hunt?


Only available in PS4 and XBox One console starter packs. These started popping up everywhere online on release day. I happened to see two of them while hunting but couldn’t afford to grab one hopefully I get lucky in a few days (fingers crossed).


Of course by now most of you know that there will be a Legendary Sky Racing Action Pack which will include the Sky Trophy, Legendary Astroblast and the Legendary Sun Runner. We also know that it is exclusive to Toys r Us stores. What we don’t know is when the action pack will officially be released.

skylanderaddictsblog skylanderaddictsblog skylanderaddictsblog skylanderaddictsblogThere have been sightings of this pack in Denmark, so hopefully we will see this new racing pack in US stores soon. You can see a pretty nice unboxing video from MySkylanders.De on YouTube via their channel. Take a look when you get a chance if you haven’t already.

The second Nitro variant in this series will be Nitro Soda Skimmer. Of course this will be another Target exclusive here in the US no release date has been announced either.


I am a big fan of the Nitro series instantly fell in love with these variants with the release of Nitro Magna Charge in Swap Force. Since then a set of Nitro figures has come with every release like the Legendary and Dark figures. Nitro Stealth Stinger has already been released, but my question is will there be a Nitro Skylander figure to match the vehicle? One can only hope so.

Last but not least the best news to me is that we will see what is being called “Power Blue” variants of Splat, her vehicle, and my fave tech lander Trigger Happy’s vehicle. There is no release date, but from the images we can see that they will be in-game variants. No store has announced that they are going to be carrying these variants, but I have a sneaky suspicion that we may see these in Walmart stores as their Exclusive variant much like Target and TRU. I sure hope we get a Power Blue Trigger Happy to match his vehicle as well.


Man that was a mouthful! Hope you all have gotten your fix today from all this info if not I suppose you could go in for another filling lol! What variants listed are you looking forward to adding to your collection? Sound off in the comments section and don’t forget to enter our contests more info on our page at and on Twitter @skylanderaddict

Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Checkout Eon’s Elite Trigger Happy

Check out Eon’s Elite Trigger Happy! He looks so BOOMTASTIC! Can’t wait to add him to my collection! I’m sure most of you feel the same way. Remember that Trigger Happy is exclusive to GameStop stores and will apart of the sales going on this week. Get him before he is gone! #SKYLANDERS #SKYLANDERADDICTS

ELITE_TriggerHappy_ExplContents_FIN_HiRes ELITE_TrigHap_Packshot_Side1_FINAL_HiRes ELITE_TrigHap_InnerCase_Side1_FINAL_HiRes ELITE_TrigHap_InnerCase_Front_FINAL_HiRes


Look It’s Skylanders Concept Art!

Hey Addicts!

Hope you all have had a great day thus far it sure has been an exciting one with all this juicy info we have been getting today. I saw this concept art and thought you guys would love to see it if you haven’t already. There are some amazingly talented artists and writers that help bring all the characters in the Skylanders Universe we know and love to life. I just want to say from all of us here at Skylander Addicts to everyone at Activision & Toys For Bob thank you for creating such and awesome and unique gaming experience time after time. I know I for one can’t wait to see what’s next after Trap Team with the introduction of Trap Keys I am interested in seeing how they will be used in future games. Well, that’s it for now enjoy the artwork in the gallery and I’ll catch you all on the SKYSIDE!

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Dude Where’s My Skylanders?

Hey Addicts!

Since all the news has poured out lately there have been a lot of speculation and complaints about the new game I wanted to discuss a few things I have seen around the web.




First and foremost there is no series 4 repose of Spyro why?

Well think about guys the only game that truly was centered around Spyro was the original Skylanders game. After that the other Skylander games were not focused on Spyro hence why we have seen less of him. We do get a mini and elite version of him so isn’t that enough?





Where are all the other Skylanders like Trigger Happy & Stealth Elf?

In previous games we have seen reposes of the characters we have grown to know and love, but this time around there are only a few. I for one am not upset about this change in the game there were beginning to be to many of the same character being made in my opinion. And from the looks of things Activision felt the same way. I think we will see some of them in the Elite series (Trigger Happy, Spyro, Whirlwind, and Chop Chop Confirmed) we already have some of them in mini form as well.



What happened to biggest release ever?

Uh? What are you looking at? The poster image that has been released clearly shows a lot more figures than any other release including the traps they’re a ton of new playable characters. We are getting 16 New Trap Masters, 16 Minis (8 New ones), 16 New Core Skylanders, 5 Reposes (That we know of could be more), 10 Super Villains, and 36 regular Villains that’s a total of 46 Villains! Not to mention that there seems to be 4 other unknown characters that could be introduced as new elements. That being said relax what more do you want? Anymore and this would be the last game and who wants that!




Where are the Lightcore Skylanders?

They will not be making an appearance this go around from the looks of it. I am actually pretty cool with that I think all the Skylanders should have some sort of Lightcore function instead of singling out a choice few. Besides with Traps, Minis, and Elite figures being released I think that would really be milking the franchise.


Ultimate Kaos Trap


Do I need to get all these traps?

Yes! If you are an addict, but no if your budget isn’t that big this year you only need one for each element as you can trap more than one villain and save them in the Vault (New function coming to Trap Team).




Why no real news about the 3DS version? And where are the Traps?

I’m not really sure why there hasn’t been much talk about the 3DS version, but I think that the release of the Tablet version and the Amiibo figures by Nintendo may have something to do with it. Some have said that there are no traps in the 3DS version due to the picture floating around with Gusto and no traps. Well according to the Toys R Us website there is a 3DS version and it does come with traps. The 3DS version will come with 1 portal, 2 Skylanders, and 2 Traps.





Will all the figures from the earlier games be compatible?

Of course which is why we are not seeing a lot of them return this go around. But just like in other games the new figures will not be able to be played on the previous versions.

Ok guys hope this helps with some of the questions and gripes you have. I honestly am over excited to play the new game this to me is the most exciting game yet we get to play as Kaos and other villains I have wanted to do that since I first played this game. Now finally mine and I’m sure some of your dream has come true. Check out the poster below to get a closer look at the new Skylanders. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!





Light Core Pop Fizz and Light Core Chill Found at Toys R Us!

Hey Skylander Addicts and Collectors!

I have some good news! Most of us have been seeing Light Core Pop Fizz and Chill online on sites like and Toys R Us has had them up for pre-order for months now! (well at least Pop fizz LC Chill here as of late) Well today while hunting I found LC Pop Fizz and LC Chill at my local Toys R Us they were $12.99 each.


There where only a few hidden amongst other figures (almost didn’t see them). I also found a few other interesting things at TRU and Target as well check them out below.


Skylanders Sketch Book $7.99 at Toys R Us


Skylanders Pencil Topper 3 pk $2.99 at Toys R Us Collect all six characters include Trigger Happy, Eruptor, Terrafin, Gill Grunt, Spyro (Not Pictured), and Chop Chop.


Skylanders Clicker Pen $4.99 at Toys R Us choose from Trigger Happy, Eruptor, Gill Grunt, and Spyro (Not Pictured)


Skylanders 3D Jumbo Eraser and Mystery Pencil Topper $3.99 at Target same as the other puzzle erasers you get from Wal-Mart and TRU, but the package is different and comes with the mystery topper. Choose from Swarm, Crusher, And Tree Rex not sure if all the toppers are available in the mystery packs or just 3 of them. Let you know when I find out.

Last but not least we have the Skylanders 3D Puzzle blind bag $2.99 at Target as well. Now this would be cool if it wasn’t the same three most of us already have! Maybe they will surprise with some new ones in the future my kids have a ball playing with them. The greatest part is if they break apart no worries just put it back together and keep playing!


Well that’s all I have today for you guys catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Thanks to a little info from we have news that Polar Whirlwind is in Canada as a Gamestop Exclusive. As Atlus said we should be seeing them pop up here in the US very soon as a Gamestop exclusive don’t know for sure as of yet but it is rather likely.


LJ “The Skylanders Addict”


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