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Free High Five Giveaway!!!!

Addicts this is the moment you have all been waiting for! Us over here at Bryan’s Toy Haven are giving away a Free High Five Figure to one lucky winner just in time for Christmas! Watch the video below to learn how to enter and make sure you’re a subscriber to the channel! This is exclusive to Frito lay till 2015!

Until next time addicts! We will catch you on the Sky-Side!!!

Skylanders Waterfall Skyland Fun Hideaway Play-Set

Hey Addicts! Tis the season to be jolly! Power A has done it again with this new awesome play set for Skylanders! Watch the review and let us know what you think! Until next time we will catch you on the Skyside!

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack Giveaway!!!

Hey Addicts!

Just in time for the Holiday season! We are giving away a free starter pack to one lucky winner! To enter just go over to our YouTube channel in the video below to find out how to enter! Thanks everyone for such a great year! Until next time, we will catch you on the Skyside!

Unboxing Review of Trap Team Adventure Packs!

Hey Addicts!

Bryan here from Bryan’s Toy Haven! Today we review Skylanders Trap Team’s first 2 adventure packs! Let us know what you think in the comments below about these awesome additions to Trap Team and until next time we will catch you on the SkySide!

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Speed Race Challenge!

Hey Addicts! Bryan from Bryan’s Toy Haven here, we got a fun little video put together for your viewing pleasure! Speed race challenge for Unboxing wave 2 Skylanders! We had a great time and hope you enjoy it as well! Until next time we will catch you on the Skyside!!!

Skylander Addicts Review: Skylanders A-Z Box Set & More

Hey Addicts!

I a few weeks ago I got a special package in the mail for review from the Penguin Group. I have collected the Skylanders books since I began collecting the game and toys. Check out these awesome books in the video review below. You can get them at your local bookstore or any online retailer that carries books like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Special Thanks to the Penguin Group for sweet review material. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Skylanders Trap Team Wave 2 Surprise Box from Activison!!!! Wow!!!

Hey all you Addicts!

Whats everyone been up to this week? Well us over here at Bryan’s Toy Haven have been super busy with Skylanders of course! Today we reveal what Activision sent us in a surprise box of wave 2 stuff!!! We could barely believe our eyes when we opened it up! We also announce our next big giveaway and expect to have that video in the coming weeks! We hope you enjoy our special surprise box that we got and until next time we will catch you on the Skyside!!!!

Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1 Core Figures Unboxing Review

Whats Up Addicts!

Bryan here from Bryan’s Toy Haven! Today we are featuring a new video showcasing the all new wave 1 core figures from Skylanders Trap Team! As always we give you free codes and don’t forget about our Giveaway going on now for the Xbox 360 Starter pack! We hope you enjoy the video and until next time we will catch you on the Sky-side….

Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1 Traps and Kaos Trap Unboxed!

Hey all you Addicts! Bryan here from Bryan’s Toy Haven,
We got a special fun unboxing video for you which features some of the wave 1 traps and the best of all, The Kaos Trap! Hope you enjoy the video and until next time… Catch you on the SKYSIDE!


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Skylander Addicts Review-XBOX 360 Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack

Hey Addicts!

Good Evening and welcome to another Skylander Addicts Review. Today we have the XBOX 360 Starter Pack version of Skylanders Trap Team. I received this along with a bunch of other things I will be reviewing from Activision, which I would like to say thank you to for all the goodies!


Right off the bat the packaging is bright and eye-catching with images of Kaos being sucked into the Kaos Trap. This is a great way to grab the attention of those seeing the game for the first time in my opinion.


The back of the box is also full of various images and a small story telling us about the game.

The starter has 1 core Skylander, 1 Trap Master, 2 Traptainium Trap Keys, 1 Cardboard Trap Holder, 1 brand new portal of power, and of course the video game. The starter also includes a clear bag containing instructions and other valuable info, 2 collectible cards with stats, 2 stickers with codes, and a collectible poster.


Food Fight is the Core Skylander included in the starter pack he is a Life element Skylander. He is a two toned green artichoke Skylander that totes a tomato shooting bazooka always ripe and ready to serve up a fresh round of veggies – bazooka style! His back story states that he is the product of a troll food experiment gone wrong. When the troll Farmers Guild attempted to fertilize their soil with gunpowder, they got more than a super snack, they got an all out Food Fight! Rising from the ground he lead the Garden Patrol to victory, He later went on to defend his garden home against a rogue army of gnomes after they attempted to wrap the Asparagus people in bacon! His courage caught the eye of Master Eon, who decided that this was one veggie lover he needed on his side as a valued member of Skylands. Here are his power stats: Attack: 60, Defense: 60 Speed: 80, Luck: 140


Snap Shot is the Trap Master Skylander included in the starter he is a Water Element character. He is a mix of alligator and crocodile draped in gold armor, a Traptanium Bow and Arrow is his weapon of choice. Snap Shot comes from a long line of a “Crocagators” that lived in the remote Swamplands where he hunted chompies for sport. After rounding up every evil critter in his homeland, Snap Shot ventured out into the world to learn new techniques that he could use to track down more challenging monsters. He journeyed far and wide, perfecting his archery skills with the Elves and his hunting skills with the wolves. Soon he was the most revered monster hunter in Skylands-a reputation that caught the attention of Master Eon. It wasn’t long before Snap Shot became the leader of the Trap Team! His power stats are: Attack: 100, Defense: 100, Speed 180, and Luck: 120.


Life and Water are the two elemental Trap Keys included in the starter. The Life Trap is a translucent green hammer shaped trap. The water trap is clearish blue and Tiki themed.


Each trap can be placed in the new portal of power to trap villains in the game that can then be stored in the traps and used to fight other villains.


When they are not being used the handy Trap Tray can be used to store and organize your collection of Traps. The poster included in the starter is beautiful! Like previous games it features a list of the Skylander characters you can collect in the game, but this time it also includes the villains and well as the Super Villains known as the Doom Raiders. There are question-marked spots on the poster reserved for a set of new elemental characters and villains from two new mini elements-Light & Dark. There have been dark characters before but these characters are very different from Spyro and the ones that come in the Dark Starters. These characters are used to unlock special levels and gates in the new game.


The glossy cards included in the starter are just for collecting purposes and show the stats of each Skylander as well as an image of what Skylander it is. The stickers can be taken off and stuck to your poster or you can keep them in tact and store them the codes printed on the stickers are to be used to link you toys on all the online mini games such as Skylanders Lost Islands, Cloud Patrol, and Battlegrounds; I love Lost Islands myself.

This game can be purchased at just about any of your local big box retail stores such as Toys “R” Us, Target, Best Buy,Gamestop, and Walmart for $74.99 plus tax. Well there you have it folks the starter and it’s contents unboxed and reviewed in all its glory. I hope you enjoyed this review and join me next time where I will be comparing and reviewing the Dark Starter Pack for XBOX360. Make sure to follow the us on all of our social networking sites for all kinds of cool Skylanders swag and check out the gallery below for more pictures! Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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