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Dude Where’s My Skylanders?

Hey Addicts!

Since all the news has poured out lately there have been a lot of speculation and complaints about the new game I wanted to discuss a few things I have seen around the web.




First and foremost there is no series 4 repose of Spyro why?

Well think about guys the only game that truly was centered around Spyro was the original Skylanders game. After that the other Skylander games were not focused on Spyro hence why we have seen less of him. We do get a mini and elite version of him so isn’t that enough?





Where are all the other Skylanders like Trigger Happy & Stealth Elf?

In previous games we have seen reposes of the characters we have grown to know and love, but this time around there are only a few. I for one am not upset about this change in the game there were beginning to be to many of the same character being made in my opinion. And from the looks of things Activision felt the same way. I think we will see some of them in the Elite series (Trigger Happy, Spyro, Whirlwind, and Chop Chop Confirmed) we already have some of them in mini form as well.



What happened to biggest release ever?

Uh? What are you looking at? The poster image that has been released clearly shows a lot more figures than any other release including the traps they’re a ton of new playable characters. We are getting 16 New Trap Masters, 16 Minis (8 New ones), 16 New Core Skylanders, 5 Reposes (That we know of could be more), 10 Super Villains, and 36 regular Villains that’s a total of 46 Villains! Not to mention that there seems to be 4 other unknown characters that could be introduced as new elements. That being said relax what more do you want? Anymore and this would be the last game and who wants that!




Where are the Lightcore Skylanders?

They will not be making an appearance this go around from the looks of it. I am actually pretty cool with that I think all the Skylanders should have some sort of Lightcore function instead of singling out a choice few. Besides with Traps, Minis, and Elite figures being released I think that would really be milking the franchise.


Ultimate Kaos Trap


Do I need to get all these traps?

Yes! If you are an addict, but no if your budget isn’t that big this year you only need one for each element as you can trap more than one villain and save them in the Vault (New function coming to Trap Team).




Why no real news about the 3DS version? And where are the Traps?

I’m not really sure why there hasn’t been much talk about the 3DS version, but I think that the release of the Tablet version and the Amiibo figures by Nintendo may have something to do with it. Some have said that there are no traps in the 3DS version due to the picture floating around with Gusto and no traps. Well according to the Toys R Us website there is a 3DS version and it does come with traps. The 3DS version will come with 1 portal, 2 Skylanders, and 2 Traps.





Will all the figures from the earlier games be compatible?

Of course which is why we are not seeing a lot of them return this go around. But just like in other games the new figures will not be able to be played on the previous versions.

Ok guys hope this helps with some of the questions and gripes you have. I honestly am over excited to play the new game this to me is the most exciting game yet we get to play as Kaos and other villains I have wanted to do that since I first played this game. Now finally mine and I’m sure some of your dream has come true. Check out the poster below to get a closer look at the new Skylanders. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!





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