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New Variant Comes to Best Buy!

Oh Boy Oh Boy! I have some great news! Like most of you probably have been wondering when is Best Buy going to have a variant as they were apart of the game during previous releases. Swap-Force has been released and Best Buy has been pretty much silent except for the projector wrist bands they where giving away during the release of the game. Well, wait no more because as of 1/12/13 (projected release date) There will be a variant of series 2 Sprocket! Now I’m not sure if this will be an in game variant or just a painted one, but still cool never the less. She is up for pre-order right now on there website so I would go and get yours RIGHT NOW! Check out the pic below she is a beauty. I just put in my order hope to see a lot of Portal Masters and Addicts get there hands on her as well. Good luck everyone hope you don’t have to much trouble trying to score one of these bad boys! I’m getting ready for Skylanders Day at Game Stop more info on that in another post. Catch you guys on SKYSIDE! 


 Heavy Duty Sprocket Best Buy Exclusive Variant

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