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Skylanders Day Mess!

So today was the official Skylanders Day at Game Stop today. There where some good deals today but I was really disappointed. I went out to my favorite store and I was expecting to see some wave 3 swappers and some others like Arkeyan Crossbow and Sheep Wreck Island. I was so not expecting to see what I saw and that was nothing! Not because they sold out, but because none even came to the store I was floored! To top it off for the 3rd time they say it will be a special collector’s poster but it seems more like a flyer rather than a poster.

I think there should be a little bit more given to us Adventure Club members personally. I mean it is Skylanders Day for crying out loud couldn’t we at least get some better posters like the glow in the dark Infinity Jack poster? Some of you may say I’m being a little whiny, but don’t you think we deserve more after all the money we pump into keeping up collections and keeping our kids happy.

I was able to talk to a few friends and they expressed their irritation from going to the event some didn’t even get the mini’s at there store! (Say WHAT!) I will say that even though there were none of the figures in store they let you order them to be shipped to your house for free which was pretty cool I thought. I was able to grab the collector’s guide and a swap force carrying case at a good price and got a free Sidekick Mini Barkley as well. (Picture Below) Let’s hope that futures Game Stop Skylander Events don’t leave us feeling empty handed, irritated, and under appreciated.


Catch You On The SKYSIDE!

Victory Is Mine! Skylanders Frito Lays Promotion Hunt

Hey Addicts!

It’s me again just your friendly neighborhood Skylander Addict coming to you again live from… well my man cave aka the BATCAVE! (Cue Batman theme music)

Ok I wrote a post earlier about my Sidekicks dilemma I decided to try one final time today and go hunting. I stopped at Target first to grab a few more starter packs one for my oldest daughter and a friend. While I was there I looked for the bags and had no luck stttttrriikee 1!

I then took a trip to Wally World to grab some groceries and took another look, but struck out again. I ended up going to 5 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, and 2 Krogers before I gave up. Well after coming home and getting the kids dinner I realized I forgot to grab my youngest daughter Arianna some fish food for her collection of Mollie Fish. There is a Wal-Mart about 3 miles from my house it is not one of there better stores, which is why I don’t shop there unless I have to or I am being lazy. I grab the food and I am about to leave and something tells me I should have a look and see if they have them. I go down the isle hoping to get a surprise I get to the end of the isle and I see nothing.

I turn to leave and out of the corner of my eye I see Mini-Jini’s Head, well the top of her ponytail should I say. I start to move the bags around and behind all the old bags were a row of the Skylanders Promo bags  SCORE!!! I did my happy dance and got the usual he is crazy looks, grabbed 4 bags and got out heck out of dodge like I just received the crown jewels or something. I’m so excited I’m about to go try my codes right now! Until next time catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!        


Sidekicks Blues


Hey Addicts!

As I stated before in a previous post the Frito Lay company is at it again this year with the Skylanders Sidekicks Promotion. You can collect 4 mini figures just as we did last time the difference is there are codes to be inputed online. All you have to do is pay the shipping fee which is about $2.50 per figure.

Now my issue is I can’t find the bags to save my life! I have been looking everywhere for days now and nothing. Alas, I will be back at again today hopefully I can score a few bags. There have been pics posted of some portal masters scoring bags as early as last week. They have been spotted in Texas, California, Indiana, and Washington to name a few places to start looking.

It seems to be that Wal-Mart is getting them first, but I’m sure they will trickle down to other grocery chains very soon. The promotion starts tomorrow, so if you have bags the time is near. If you don’t (like me) I’d be hunting today if I were you. Don’t forget the Target deal ends today as well so be sure to grab a starter pack or two.

Ok I’m about to head out and get my hunt on until next time catch you guys on the SKYSIDE! 

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