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Feature: Skylanders Swap Force: Say hello to Activision’s 272 new stars –

Feature: Skylanders Swap Force: Say hello to Activision’s 272 new stars –

via Feature: Skylanders Swap Force: Say hello to Activision’s 272 new stars –

Granite Crusher at Target Update!

I previously posted about Granite Crusher being at Target. Well,  there is a slight problem. They seem to be getting them in store, but they won’t be releasing them until 3/17 with Jade FlashWing.  I have called a few stores and have been told a few different things. Some employees didn’t know what I was talking about or said they couldn’t see it in there system because the street date isn’t close enough for it to be added, but should be added this week. My local Target said possibly Mon or Weds if the rumor is correct. I did a bit more investigating and when I originally had checked the link for what stores in my area had them the list was not the same today more stores where saying in stock or limited stock so I think the rumor maybe really true. Guess, we will have to see what happens come March 17th let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Legendary Light Core Chill & Light Core Pop Fizz Available For Pre Order at Toys R Us

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! I know speaking for myself I have been dying to get my hands on light core Pop Fizz and Chill. Well the wait is over… almost. Toys R Us has them available for pre order online on the Toys R Us website. They are saying that they will be shipped out by the 3/10. I already have placed my order for Pop Fizz so make sure you hop on it while supplies last.

Here Polar, Polar! Where Are You?!

The other day my friend Stacy and I were having a conversation about Polar Whirlwind and the release of wave 4. We were talking about the McDonalds rumor and how funny it would be to get Polar Whirlwind in a happy meal. Then we started thinking wouldn’t it be cool if McDonalds did a Skylanders Happy Meal Toy? They would be little collectors figures that don’t work on the portal, but still would be cool non-the less.

We then wondered where we would be seeing Polar Whirlwind once it is released. Since Toys R Us has Legendary LightCore Chill, Wal-mart has Molten Hot Dog, Target has Jade FlashWing, and GameStop has the single pack regular S2 Hot Dog as well as S2 Spyro and S2 Wrecking Ball, who is left? Best Buy that’s who!

They were a big part of the series being sold, have had exclusive variants before, and haven’t made much noise as of yet. So, we are thinking that is where Polar WhirlWind will be or Scarlett Ninjini since she isn’t released yet either or maybe she will be an exclusive was our other thought.

Discussing this topic also brought up two other questions.

Question 1: When are the S2 Sidekicks being released?

Question 2: Where the heck is S2 Drobot?

Well we figure Frito Lay will do another promotion this spring sometime seeing as the first promo went so well. As for S2 Drobot his picture is up on the GameStop website, so we figure he will be there as well with S2 Spyro and S2 Wrecking Ball he just hasn’t become available yet.

This past week has been an amazing week and it looks like this is going to be an even better easter holiday with the siting of Skylanders Easter Eggs at Wal-Mart and the full release of Wave 4. And we can’t forget about the new Mega Bloks Sets and Mega Bloks Skylanders Weapons coming out that have been popping up on the west coast at Fred Meyers.

I myself already have the new Chrome Spyro and Blue Bash Sets. There also is a new commercial up on the Mega Bloks Youtube channel showing the new battle figures and the Eye Brawl Zepplin! If you haven’t seen it check it out!

What are your thoughts on where we willing be seeing the new releases?


The wait is over I know earlier that I said there was a rumor going around that Toys R Us had Ninjini exclusively for 30 days, well…. That wasn’t true (so much for inside tips lol) because right now as I am typing this post Game Stop is selling her online only, but wait that isn’t the best part.

Are you ready? They are not only selling



but they are also selling

S2 Spyro

S2 Spyro


S2 Wrecking Ball


YEAH! I just bought mine so make sure to go get yours right now before they sell out! This has sure turned out to be an awesome week for us Skylanders Fans & Addicts! Now we wait for Polar Whirlwind, S2 Drobot, LightCore Hex , Pop Fizz, and Chill! Then it’s Swap Force time! Can’t wait!

**The links to buy them now are located above each picture!**

Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

What’s Next?

Now that Molten Hot Dog, Ninjini, Legendary LightCore Chill and Jade FlashWing are out it can be assumed that the rest of the wave (if you count this as part of Activision, Blizzard, collections, collector’s, figures, gamers, games, hot toys, lennonjohn, lennonjohnjde, ninjini, ps3, release, rumors, Skyland, skylanders, skylanders giants, skylanders spyros adventure, swap force, toy news, toys, toys for bob, Vicarious Visions, video games, wave 4 release) will be popping up in stores here soon. There are a few rumors for dates March 19th has been rumored to be a wave 4 release date because that is supposedly the official release date for Jade FlashWing. There have been sightings of S2 Spyro, S2 Wrecking Ball  in the Netherlands, but nothing has appeared in US stores as of yet. I say wave 4 will be released the week before or the week of easter just in time for perfect basket stuffers.

That being said What’s next after wave 4? There is still the question of when Scarlet Ninjini will be released as well as S2 Drobot, pop fizz lightcore, hex lightcore and chill lightcore. And of course the infamous polar whirlwhind! I’m not sure exactly, but I’m thinking maybe early or midsummer. I have heard a rumor that McDonalds may be doing the promotion this year like frito’s did last year. Putting the exclusive variant in there happy meals. Not sure how true it is, but that would be cool to go get something to eat and BAM! polar whirlwind display at your participating McDonalds. Well what is your take on the whole thing? Where do you think the next big variant is going to be and why?

Happy Hunting Portal Masters!

Jade FlashWing Online Now @TARGET

I had been having a hard time tracking down jade FlashWing, but I finally got her today! After calling around to every store again only to be told no they are not here or out of stock. After almost giving up for the day I happened to find three stores in Ohio that had them in stock so if any one lives in the Beaver Creek, Springfield, or Trotwood Area they are there. Now if you don’t want to waste gas and don’t have to have her in your hand today, right now, at this moment, like myself, then this is right up your alley! Here is a link to the Target website where Jade FlashWing is now available online for only $10.00! plus shipping of course mine came out to be $15.49 I think…. but it was under $16 I do remember that much. So hurry while supplies last cause they are going fast!

Jade Flashwing & Legendary Lightcore Chill Trickle Into Stores


As Portalflip commentor sulli7221 pointed out earlier today, now lists Jade Flashwing although it is listed as out of stock. However, you can check for in store availability as a few stores across the country not only have it in stock but are selling it early. Target is usually fairly strict about street dates so your mileage will vary. Jade Flashwing’s DPCI is 207-00-1147 if you want to call and confirm with your local store. There are several stores near me showing it as In Stock so I will be on the hunt tomorrow so I can keep portalflippers up to date.

While we’re on the subject of figures trickling into stores, it seems that some west coast portalmasters have managed to find Legendary Lightcore Chill in Toys R Us stores. There are maybe 1 or 2 reports of this happening but they seem to continue the trend of California being…

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Scalppers Suck!

Well looks like the scalpers strike again! I got to my local TRU to only be told that I just missed the last of the Ninjini figures. I was told it was pretty hectic I got there right after all of the pandemonium. I couldn’t believe people were saying that they were going home to hop on ebay as they were ringing up and walking out the door.

I think that TRU should give all of us a ticket in our emails to bring for our figures no ticket no figure and the limit one figure per ticket. Or have so many up online to help combat the nonsense that goes on with trying to get these figures. I mean what’s the point of waiting weeks for a figure to only end up empty handed due to greedy people. ARRGRGRHRGHRHRHHH! This just grinds my gears!

On a brighter note I was told that TRU will have the Ninjini figure exclusively for 30 days. So there will be a few moe chances to score for those of us that missed out today. All in all today wasn’t a total bust I picked up a few packs of cards and a Portal Action Spyro so I’m not as mad, but it still was annoying to know there was a bit of BS occurring in Skyland!

As a collector I understand wanting to get more than one, but 4 or more is just out of order. These people are not fans of the game they are fans of money and greed.

It’s Official! Ninjini Will Be Released Today! But Will She Be Alone?



As most of you may already know it is official! Ninjini is being released today! I got the email from TRU like most of you last night. Rumor has it according to Portal Flip that Ninjini may not be the only figure that is being released.

We could be possibly seeing a full wave release today  as well which would be a really great surprise this morning. Make sure you get down to your local Toys R Us early to get your figures today.

Good Luck hunting Portal Masters & Addicts!!!

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