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Pre-Order Light & Dark Skylanders?

Hey Addicts!

I have been MIA due to a lot of personal issues, but I’m still trying to stay on top of things so bare with me. Any who, I have seen that everyone is stoked about the light and dark Skylanders characters. As of yesterday Wal-Mart has listed Knightmare and Knightlight along with other unreleased Trap Masters.

Dark Element Trap Master Skylander

Dark Element Trap Master 

Light Element Trap Master Skylander

Light Element Trap Master 

The release date has not been officially released, but there is a placeholder date (a fictitious date used by the website until the true release date is known) of December 30st. Just looking at the date you know something isn’t right. I predict we will see the new figures soon possibly when wave 3 is released or when the big yearly Toys R Us Skylanders event is thrown in New York at Times Square. There are no images of the toys as of yet so we are still waiting to see those pop up. I will keep you all posted on we can expect to see these hit the shelves. Here is the Walmart link to both Knightlight and Knightmare figures if you can’t wait LOL! Note you can not order at this time Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Trap Shadow And Freeze Blade Coming To Toys R Us

TRAPANDFREEZEPICHey Addicts! The newest rumor is that Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade will be making an appearance in small quantity at Toys R Us in 2 days 3/13/14. I originally saw a post on Dark Spyro talking about this, but there was no one that really knew the date. Some were saying it may not come out until Sunday 4/13/14. I was not sure what to believe so I had to hit up a few of my sources. In the process of doing so a little birdie came and told me that they were indeed going to be out this Thursday. This birdie has never steered me in the wrong direction before, so I am going to be going to my local TRU Thursday morning to see if they are indeed in store. I would call ahead just incase so that you don’t make a wasted trip. These are two of the most anticipated figures on my list and probably many of yours. I really hope they do come out this Thursday. If not it gives more time to get more money to grab more stuff when they actually do. Well looks like I have to put together a game plan for my hunt this week. Good Luck Hunting Addicts! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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