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Fiesta and Crypt Crusher Skylander Review

Fiesta was the first Skylander that cuaght my eye who didn’t come with the starter set for Skylanders Superchargers. A horn slinging mariachi skeleton was too cool to pass of. So how does he and his vehicle stack up? Let’s take a look.


To start with, Fiesta is one of the coolest Skylanders I have ever seen. The attention to detail from his skull cap that acts as a helmet, to his horn, and even to the spurs on his boots all give him a complete look.

In game however, Fiesta is a notably weaker character at close range. Despite a horn that can blow notes at enemies, neither the continuous stream of notes nor his solo notes deal much damage at all. In fact, despite his seemingly close nature, Fiesta is a Skylander who is far better at staying away from enemies. That’s because his ability to summon little mini skeletons as part of his mariachi amigo ensemble is far more devastating.


Not as strong as he appears

Fiesta continued:

While Fiesta isn’t capable of much damage, the amigos can really stack up on damage. In many ways, the amigos act like dots (damage over type spells). When all three are on the screen, Fiesta’s damage really adds up. As it currently sits, Fiesta’s horn hits for 18; meanwhile, each additional mariachi amigo hits between 18-30. When all three are on screen, Fiesta is capable of massive damage, without them, though he is in big trouble. How you utilize him is not always easy. There’s a good amount of skill you have to apply to make sure he stays alive while avoiding enemies.

It seems the designers were aware of Fiesta’s weak ability so one of his first upgrades is the ability to “laid low.” It’s at this point he becomes hidden and takes reduced damage. It’s not altogether useful, but if your mariachi is doing all the work, there’s no reason to not go into this stance.

Two Skills Tress: One Answer
Fiesta’s first skill tree is the only real choice in all of this. This skill tree gives the amigos damage boosts and speed boosts, along with the ability to summon five amigos instead of three. Because the amigos are Fiesta’s only real way to sustain dealing high damage, this tree is the only real answer as far as I’m concerned.

The other skill tree emphasizes Fiesta as a solo artist. Additional experience, money and food is great, as is the ability to pierce enemies with solo notes. The final ability in this tree causes the amigos to explode. I could see this skill tree’s usefulness; however, because the amigos are so devastating, it’s hard to recommend this over making your Amigos stronger.

His Soul Gem Ability

Fiesta’s soul gem ability is called Family Fiesta. It’s a pretty essential tool because it’s the only distance attack he gets. Just holding down the alternate attack button causes a non-stop stream of amigos to attack the enemies. The enemies run in a straight line and, like his other attack, don’t deal much damage. But because of the distance it covers, it’s essential. More often that not I am using Family Fiesta over going into “Laid Low.”

Crypt Crusher

As for Fiesta’s vehicle, it’s a sufficient vehicle. Aesthetically, it’s awesome, but in game, it’s okay. It pales in comparison to the devastation of a vehicle like Hot Streak. His bullet attacks are okay; however, he can launch his mariachi amigos to deal damage over time to the enemy. It’s good, but not amazing. As for the vehicle’s upgrades, they’re awesome. Turning your vehicle from a coffin to a mummy inspired sarcophagus is maybe the coolest vehicle transformation in the game.

Side Mission:

As with any Supercharger you get, you get a side mission which involves collecting notes. This is definitely one of the hardest Superchargers missions to date. Big thumbs up.


Let’s take a minute and talk about the figurine quality. Fiesta might be one of the best made Skylanders to date. The attention to detail is staggering. From his belt, to his spurs,  to the wrinkles on his pants, to the embellishments on his horn and hat, it all looks right. Furthermore, the paint job is also excellent with no noticeable bleed on the figurine anyway. Comparing Fiesta to almost any other figurine seems unfair because it’s such a huge jump in quality.

front and back

Front and Back Picture of Fiesta

Crypt Crusher too looks amazing. Everything about the vehicle stands out. From the cushion inside the coffin to the hands holding the wheels. Just  from a design stand point, Fiesta and Crypt Crusher are a no brainer for Skylander addicts.

Crypt Crusher

It’s the coolest vehicle by a mile


Fiesta and Crypt Crusher’s short comings are obvious. Fiesta does nothing that Shot Cut didn’t do better in Trap Team, but from a design stand point, he’s so amazing that he feels essential. It’s a cross roads of a character. I doubt many players will play him differently than summoning a bunch of amigos. It’s a shame he doesn’t deal more damage because he might be more viable, as would the other skill tree. He’s a flawed character, no doubt, but he is a fun flawed character to play.

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It’s ALIVE! Crayola Color Alive App Review


Hey Addicts!

A while back I posted about Crayola releasing Skylanders related products. Slowly but surely I have seen items pop up in store a few giant coloring page books and a Skylanders Art Kit among other things.


I thought there would be more products out by now. I am guessing we will see a lot more stuff released when Skylanders Superchargers hit the shelves. The coolest Skylanders product recently released by Crayola in my opinion is the Color Alive coloring book series. There are 4 books in the series featuring dragons and fairies there also is a Barbie and my favorite a Skylanders edition as well.


There are 16 pages in each book to color once you are done creating your masterpiece the image can then be brought to life via the Crayola Color Alive App.


With a little help from the 4D giants Daqri Technologies Crayola has managed to come up with an extremely innovative idea. Not only can the app bring your creations to life but you can also save your artwork then create a gif and share your creations, which is a really cool way to show off your art skills to your friends. Check out this cool Chop-Chop gif!


Priced at $5.99 plus tax you may find it cheaper at some stores but not much. The lowest I have seen it in store for is $5.97 at WalMart. Each book comes with a set of 6 crayons and 1 exclusive special effect color. Right now the only way to collect the 4 different colors is by buying each book individually.These books can be found pretty much anywhere you can buy Crayola products. By the way you can use any Crayola crayon or marker on the pages and they still will come alive the exclusive crayon adds special effects to your image.


  • Great activity to do with children.
  • Nice price!
  • Looks great!
  • App is free!
  • Free pages come with the app
  • More pages can be purchased via the app


  • App doesn’t work on all devices. Has a compatibility issue with lower end devices.

My kids had a blast coloring the pages, but they were pretty upset we couldn’t get the app. I tried downloading it on multiple devices, but kept getting an error message. It seems that if you don’t own a device that has a front facing camera and 1GB of RAM space the app can’t be downloaded which is a bummer for parents that can’t afford the higher end tech. I mean the point of buying this product is to make it come alive right?



I had all the specs except the 1GB of RAM (Man that is a big file). I was able to see how the app worked by using a friend’s tablet. The app looks great and seemed to work well. I hope that the incompatibility issue is addressed soon so all Portal Masters can enjoy this product. It really is cool to see the Skylanders you color jump right off the page! Otherwise this is sadly just an overpriced coloring book.

Over all this is an awesome product, but I always say don’t take my word for it try it for yourself the app is available for free download on itunes and the Goggle Play Store. If you already own the book and app share some of your Skylanders artwork and let me know what you guys think about the product good or bad. Be sure to follow Skylander Addicts on our social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, etc. we love hearing from you guys. Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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