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Pre-Order Wave 4 @Best Buy




Oh yeah! If you are like me you have been standing on pins and needles anticipating when the next wave would be released and who would be in it. Well the wait is over! According to Irate Gamer and a few other blog sites Best Buy has put wave 4 up for pre-order online.


You can get Fryno, Punk Shock, and Springtime Trigger Happy for only $9.99. Not only are we getting a new wave, we also are getting new packaging with this wave. With Easter coming the packaging is shaped like eggs and the color matches the element, which the Skylander is associated with. I can’t wait until these guys are on my portal Trigger Happy looks so freaking BOOMtastic! Check out the pictures and get your pre-order in today! Catch you on the SKYside!

fryno1 punk-shock1 springtime-trigger-happy1


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