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Elite skylanders

So look what ive come across today it looks pritty cool! 8 new collectable figures.


Elite spyro look sweet I think!!

Dark edition preorder uk

Hi all just a quick heads up if u live in the uk GAME are now taking pre-orders for the dark edition
If u order online its full price upfront at £72.99 or if u live local to a store its a £10 deposit and the rest on release date! (10 October 2014) incase u didnt already know.  Happy hunting my looney lander lot see u on the skyside

Life trap for trap team


#skylandersgame #activision
Firstly I would like to give a big thx to skylandersgame on facebook who ran the competition I won this through, as u can see my son was a bit excited to receive it today!!!!!


Heres a better image of it a bit closer.


This is the top left corner of the box showing the exclusive “riot shield shredder” that is pre trapped inside already.


These traps are bigger than I had imagined them to be as u can see they are the size of a giant in the box and about the size of a normal skylanders figure out of the box.


Here is a few of the images on the back of the pack of other traps that will be coming out.


Finally I pic of the full back of the trap package for u all to see…..

I am really grateful for this trap and it now has me wanting trap team even more than I did not that I thought that was possible! Activision if u would like to send me the game early ill happily accept we can just put it down as game testing!!! Have a nice day my looney lander lot and c u on the skyside.

Skylanders obsession big time!!!

Hi all my name is Eric I am a father of 3 and my youngest son is obsessed with Skylanders.  He have a huge collection and im looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge with u all!!! I run my own Skylanders group on Facebook called “Skylanders Assist Buy Sell Trade” and I’ve just had to recruit 2 additional admin as its beginning to get popular now.

Anyway, I hope u like my future blogs my looney lander lot. See u on the skyside!!! Also I’m from the UK so I will hopefully be able to help everyone with upcoming events and figure release dates.

Finally I would like to thank Lennon George for giving me the opportunity to be here and share things with u all, lets go “looney lander” style and ill c u on the skyside!


Me and my “looney lander” son

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