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Toyrus Exclusive Trap


So it would seem that #toysrus are getting an exclusive trap which looks sweet as!!! Not sure where it’s coming out but I hope I can get my hands on one…


More Trap Team Pre-Orders for Australia – Skylanders Character List


Hey Addicts!

This info is for our readers and followers from the land down under. Check out this post from Skylanders Character List giving us a little conformation on what’s to come on release day with Wave 1. I can’t wait to get my hands on Funny Bone, Chopper, Torch and Nitro Krypt King the first 4 I want to play with. Who are you going to play with first? That’s it for now until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

More Trap Team Pre-Orders for Australia – Skylanders Character List.

via More Trap Team Pre-Orders for Aussie – Skylanders Character List.

Uk trap team preorder info

So after a few fone calls to different stores and going through emails and websites………
Trap team preorder bonuses….
May change so just use this as a guide and make your own mind up as to where to get urs.

Toyrus…. free trap with outlaw brawl and chain villain

Game…. free trap with outlaw brawl and chain villain


           (dark edition available)

Smyths…. free e3 trap with riot shield shredder villain + free gearshift trap master + free giants battle pack


No news from any of the supermarkets as to any bonuses with them as yet but I think that will change but that my opinion

So there we go a quick round up of all the info I have at this point for uk members looking for the best preorder bonus.

Nitro Skylanders Are Coming Back To Target



Hey Addicts!

Got some new info for you guys if you haven’t heard already the Nitro Skylander figures are returning as a Target exclusive with the release of Skylanders Trap Team. Krypt King is the first to make an appearance this go round and looks BOOMTASTIC! There is no word on who else will join him in the Nitro Series, but I’m sure we will soon find out. Click out the link below to get your hands on one of these beautiful figures.

Nitro Krypt King Target Link

Toys ‘R’ Us takes extreme measures to prepare for holidays | New York Post

Toys ‘R’ Us takes extreme measures to prepare for holidays | New York Post.

via Toys ‘R’ Us takes extreme measures to prepare for holidays | New York Post.


Cool Skylander Eggs!

Trading Cards Central


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Skylanders – Magic In A Modern World

Nice read

Upon Completion

Imagine you are your younger self. You are browsing through your gaming catalog and you see your favourite purple dragon and an announcement that he is in a new game! WOW!


SKY - Chars

But that is not all, young reader; far from it. You will be able to get a figure of your favourite purple dragon! Oh, ummmm, okay, you may think.
That figure can be put on a portal accessory and transport you favourite purple dragon INTO THE GAME?! WOWOWOWOW!

This is what Skylanders does, and it adds 31 other figures alongside Spyro.

Sky - All Dem Figs Plenty of colourful characters. =D

When I heard about this, I was doubtful of it’s motives, yet enchanted by it’s concept. I could only see myself as a younger form, looking longly at the magic and marvel behind these characters bursting into life before my eyes.

A couple of years ago, I bought the starter set and a…

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E3 2014 Schedule

The sky’s the limit for Activision’s ‘Skylanders Trap Team’

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