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Wave 2 Release News


Hey Addicts!

Just a heads up wave 2 is slated to hit Target and other retailers on October 12, 2014. This will be your chance to get the infamous Kaos trap and trap master Bushwack. I know a lot of you are asking about the Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack but there is no confirmation of it being released with wave 2 as of yet. I reckon that it won’t be released until sometime in November or maybe even a Black Friday deal or something. Who knows we will have to wait and see what happens we may get a surprise.¬†Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Enchanted Star Strike Finally Coming To The US

Hey Addicts!

Boy did this news catch me off guard! So I got word from a buddy of mine that his Walmart just got a shipment of Enchanted Star Strike figures and would have on the shelf tomorrow 3/14/14 going by the street date on the boxes. I was also told that the “Spring Edition” Skylander figures are street dated for 4/1/14. Now again this guy has never given me bad info so I will be hitting up my local Walmart store after I go to Toys R Us this weekend.

These are just rumors, but coming from my source I believe we can bank on seeing more figures released very soon. I’m really happy to see so many figures coming out, but my credit card is screaming at me for swiping it so much (LOL!) Check out the pics in the gallery of Enchanted Star Strike and don’t forget about the contests we have going on right now. You could be the winner of a brand new Swap Force Scratch or Heavy Duty Sprocket!¬†Check out our Facebook page for more info:

Happy Hunting everyone! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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