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Skylanders Wave 4 Hits Wal-Mart Stores

Oh YEAH! A new wave has been spotted at Wal-mart’s on the West Coast according to members of Dark Spyro and other Skylanders Fan Pages on Facebook. I personally have not had the pleasure of getting any of these yet. I do have a buddy that just scored doubles of the wave from California. If you are on the West Coast and haven’t already gotten this wave from your local Wal-Mart I’d get to hunting before they are gone. Hot Dog looks so freaking cool! I have been waiting on him to be released as well as the others, but Hot Dog is one of my favorite characters. I am wondering where Punk Shock is? Or will she just be apart of the Best Buy Exclusives for now??? Take a look a the pic below to see what they all look like. Special thanks go to Edwin Johnson for sharing the pic. Catch you on the SKYSIDE!


The E3 2013 Exclusive Skylanders Hot Dog MISB RARE

Thanks to and Mike Fahey over at Kotaku for the great info and pics! I’m a bit sad I was intending on going to E3 this year, but for many reasons it just wasn’t possible. Hopefully I can make it next year. Be sure to check out for live updates from E3 2013!

The E3 2013 Exclusive Skylanders Hot Dog MISB RARE.

via The E3 2013 Exclusive Skylanders Hot Dog MISB RARE.

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