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Gnarly Barkley Coming To Toys R US Very Soon

Hey Addicts!

I have been super busy with my personal life so I haven’t had as much time to post as I normally would (sorry guys) but I’m here to give you an update on a figure I have waited some time to add to my collection Gnarly Barkley! According to and he is set to be released by Toys R Us on June 3rd 2015. He looks amazing! See for yourself by checking out the image below.



I am sure that this will not be exclusive to TRU so expect to see this at the usual retail stores a week or two after its TRU release. Honestly I’m keeping fingers crossed hoping that GameStop will release it a few days before to try to beat the competition (wishful thinking). I’m gearing up for this release and so should you this will be a great gift for Portal Masters young and old. Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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