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Skylanders Day Mess!

So today was the official Skylanders Day at Game Stop today. There where some good deals today but I was really disappointed. I went out to my favorite store and I was expecting to see some wave 3 swappers and some others like Arkeyan Crossbow and Sheep Wreck Island. I was so not expecting to see what I saw and that was nothing! Not because they sold out, but because none even came to the store I was floored! To top it off for the 3rd time they say it will be a special collector’s poster but it seems more like a flyer rather than a poster.

I think there should be a little bit more given to us Adventure Club members personally. I mean it is Skylanders Day for crying out loud couldn’t we at least get some better posters like the glow in the dark Infinity Jack poster? Some of you may say I’m being a little whiny, but don’t you think we deserve more after all the money we pump into keeping up collections and keeping our kids happy.

I was able to talk to a few friends and they expressed their irritation from going to the event some didn’t even get the mini’s at there store! (Say WHAT!) I will say that even though there were none of the figures in store they let you order them to be shipped to your house for free which was pretty cool I thought. I was able to grab the collector’s guide and a swap force carrying case at a good price and got a free Sidekick Mini Barkley as well. (Picture Below) Let’s hope that futures Game Stop Skylander Events don’t leave us feeling empty handed, irritated, and under appreciated.


Catch You On The SKYSIDE!

Current Resident Really?

Hey Addicts!

Been a while been a little under the weather and my wife just recently had surgery as well so I have had to fall back a bit. So since I have been gone there have been a bunch of Purple Eye-Brawl figures on E-Bay I haven’t been able to get one yet, but I will. I did however get Sidekicks today, but I wasn’t pleased with the way it was addressed. I got my packages in the mail and they where addressed to me, but they also said or Current Resident! Wha! You mean to tell me that if it went to the wrong address someone else would get what I clearly paid for Really? Tisk, Tisk, Tisk Activision that is so not cool! I guess it is there way of dealing with scalpers, but what about those of us that really are just trying to finish our collections? I guess if they get lost they will be replaced who knows guess we will have to wait for a horror story. Anyway, on another note thanks to my friend Matt from the UK for getting me my first Glitter Variants. They are so beautiful check out the pictures of them now I only need Pearl Hot Head I plan to get these in sealed boxes as well, but it will be nice to play in style. Well that’s it guys enjoy the photos catch you on the Skyside!

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