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Skylander Addicts Review: Skylanders Superchargers Collectors Guide

September 22, 2015


Hey Addicts!

How has your super charging been going? Hopefully it has gone well. Today I got a surprise package in the mail courtesy of Prima Games. I opened the box to find that there were copies of the collector’s edition of the latest strategy guide.


First and foremost this thing has some weight to it. As with the previous collector edition guides this too has a hardcover binding with a shiny foil finish.


Included with the guide is a limited edition variant cover Skylanders comic book from IDW publishing. Looks like the only way to get this variant cover is by buying the collector’s guide or having some really nice friends.



The guide is 288 pages of Skylanders goodness you can find detailed info about all the Superchargers, villains, and their vehicles, learn how to improve your Skylanders and vehicles, get step by step instructions on how to beat each level, and learn all kinds of cool tips.




But wait that’s not all! You will also get to know more about Skystones Overdrive, Racing mode, get lists of all the hats, trinkets, achievements, trophies, and so much more!



Also included is a free eGuide valued at $10. The eGuide includes interactive maps and videos that can be played on any tablet or mobile device. Definitely will come in handy when you looking for a certain item/treasure or can’t seem to clear a level. All you have to do to get a copy of the eGuide is input the provided code at and you are set.


Priced at $34.99 US, $39.99 CAN, £19.99 UK, and $49.95 AUS this is an amazing guide definitely a must have for all you addicts and collectors out there. Everything you need to know about the game is there and if it’s missing something it wasn’t that important anyway (LOL!). Seriously though I don’t think there is much more they could have added.


Great job Prima Games on making this awesome guide! Don’t have the guide yet and want to be the proud owner of one of these beauties? Well check this out! Thanks to the wonderful people at Prima I’m giving away one of these guides on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. That’s 4 chances for you to win! Be on the look out for more details. If you would like to know more about how the guide was created check out this cool Q&A interview with the writer of the guide Ken Schmidt here. Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Day Mess!

So today was the official Skylanders Day at Game Stop today. There where some good deals today but I was really disappointed. I went out to my favorite store and I was expecting to see some wave 3 swappers and some others like Arkeyan Crossbow and Sheep Wreck Island. I was so not expecting to see what I saw and that was nothing! Not because they sold out, but because none even came to the store I was floored! To top it off for the 3rd time they say it will be a special collector’s poster but it seems more like a flyer rather than a poster.

I think there should be a little bit more given to us Adventure Club members personally. I mean it is Skylanders Day for crying out loud couldn’t we at least get some better posters like the glow in the dark Infinity Jack poster? Some of you may say I’m being a little whiny, but don’t you think we deserve more after all the money we pump into keeping up collections and keeping our kids happy.

I was able to talk to a few friends and they expressed their irritation from going to the event some didn’t even get the mini’s at there store! (Say WHAT!) I will say that even though there were none of the figures in store they let you order them to be shipped to your house for free which was pretty cool I thought. I was able to grab the collector’s guide and a swap force carrying case at a good price and got a free Sidekick Mini Barkley as well. (Picture Below) Let’s hope that futures Game Stop Skylander Events don’t leave us feeling empty handed, irritated, and under appreciated.


Catch You On The SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition, Collector’s Edition Revealed – PlayStation.Blog

Hey Addicts! It’s official! Images of the Dark Collector’s Edition of Skylanders Swap Force have been released today on the Playstation Blog and they look AMAZING! You will get 5! Yes 5 Dark Figures! Dark Wash Buckler, Dark Blast Zone, Dark Ninja Stealth Elf, Dark Slobber Tooth, and of course or favorite dragon Dark Mega Ram Spyro. You also get the game, new portal, and a special collectors edition poster with all of the Skylanders from all of the games on it can you say BOOM! I’m really excited to have this set the box even looks cool! Check out the pic and article below from the playstation Blog and get your money ready to buy Swap-Force in 62 days and counting! Well I’m about to get some grub and doing a little hunting catch you guys on the SKYSIDE Later!

Welcome to the Darkside!

Welcome to the DARKSIDE!

Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition, Collector’s Edition Revealed – PlayStation.Blog.

via Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition, Collector’s Edition Revealed – PlayStation.Blog.

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