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Enchanted Star Strike Finally Coming To The US

Hey Addicts!

Boy did this news catch me off guard! So I got word from a buddy of mine that his Walmart just got a shipment of Enchanted Star Strike figures and would have on the shelf tomorrow 3/14/14 going by the street date on the boxes. I was also told that the “Spring Edition” Skylander figures are street dated for 4/1/14. Now again this guy has never given me bad info so I will be hitting up my local Walmart store after I go to Toys R Us this weekend.

These are just rumors, but coming from my source I believe we can bank on seeing more figures released very soon. I’m really happy to see so many figures coming out, but my credit card is screaming at me for swiping it so much (LOL!) Check out the pics in the gallery of Enchanted Star Strike and don’t forget about the contests we have going on right now. You could be the winner of a brand new Swap Force Scratch or Heavy Duty Sprocket! Check out our Facebook page for more info:

Happy Hunting everyone! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Nitro Freeze Blade Coming Soon To Target

Got a message from a friend and fellow addict on the FB page. It was a post from, which didn’t really say much at all.  What was said is that we can except to see Nitro Freeze Blade in US Target stores as soon as March 23, 2014.


That’s not all! We can also expect to see Nitro Magna Charge make another appearance, this time in a single pack. So far all of you that missed out on grabbing him in the double pack or you just want to have him in a single pack too, here is your chance to scoop him up.


I am super stoked about Freeze Blade being released he is one cool looking Skylander. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think about him. Will you be getting him when he is released? I know I will! Special thanks go to Leonie Keeley for the heads up. Also would like to thank for sharing the info with us. Catch you on the SKYside! Skylander Addict OUT!

Wave 3 Release Rumors

So rumor has it that the release of Wave 3 is possibly being released sometime in November. The list of rumored characters include:

Swap Figures:

Rubble Rouser

Stink Bomb

Spy Rise

Core Figure:

Dune Bug

Series 3 Figures:

Horn Blast Whirlwind

Phantom Cynder

Hyper Beam Prism Break

Light Core Figures:

Wham Shell

Count Down

Triple Pack Figures:

Rip Tide, Horn Blast Whirl Wind, and Hyper Beam Prism Break

Terrafin, Dune Bug, and Phantom Cynder

Adventure Pack:

Sheep Wreck Island w/ Wind Up figure included

Battle Pack: 

Arkeyan Cross Bow w/ Thorn Camo figure included

Again this is just a list of rumored figures to be released nothing has officially been set in stone as of yet. Of course there will be an update when the information is released so stay tuned. Are you excited to get your hands on Wave 3? Let me know in the comments section. Thanks to Skylander Extreme, Giants 4 U, and Portal Flip for the info.Catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!

Toys R Us Exclusive Legendary Skylanders Available for pre-order

Hey Addicts! 

Got some great news folks. We have been waiting for this moment for a while and it finally has come. The TRU Legendary Skylanders are finally up for pre-order on the official Toy R Us website. The characters are Legendary Light Core Grim Creeper and Legendary Free Ranger. We are still waiting to see if the rumored Legendary Zoo Lou will also join them, but 2 out of 3 is a good start I guess. I’m so ready for release day can’t wait to hit the stores again full force and have these babies in my hands and on my shelfs. What’s your game plan for release day? Are getting these awesome looking figures? Check out the pics below and tell me what your plans are would love to hear them. Catch you on the SKYSIDE! Happy Skytober! ImageImageImageImage      

Pumpkin Eye-Brawl Hits Stores In Canada Today!

Pumpkin Eye-Brawl

Photo by Tom Halladay

Hey Addicts!

Been I while I know had some personal things come up, but never the less I am back with a nice update. So for all of us Portal Masters that have been patiently waiting for the release of the Halloween special edition figure we can say goodbye to the wait and hello to Pumpkin Eye-Brawl. He has been released in stores in canada as of today. I was told he has been spotted at Wal-Mart and EB Games the release is said to be the 11th for the rest of us here in the US. I for one am overly excited for the release of this figure and Swap-Force I can’t wait to get my hands on him I pre-ordered at Game Stop after the Sears and K-Mart fiasco. Well, I hope this helps out my Canadian readers and Monster Collectors like myself catch you on the SKYSIDE!

MONSTER SCORE!!! Target Deal Plus New Finds at Wal-Mart

Hey Addicts!

Been a little while since I put up a post I been a little under the weather. Feeling better now and wanted to do some hunting. I went out yesterday and was trying to find the Frito Lay bags to no avail. I did however take advantage of the deal everyone has been talking about. I got 2 Starter Packs for for $3.38! How you may ask well her is how I did it and you can too, but only until tomorrow. What you do is go to your local Target store with a coupon from the McDonalds Happy Meal Promo and buy a Pre-Order Card for $1. You select what starter pack you want and take it to the front so it can be price matched. You ask them to look up the weekly ad for Toys R Us which has starter packs for $39.99 this week. The cashier will price match the starter it will be $69.99 at first but once price matched it will be 39.99. You then use the coupon that comes with the pre-order card that you just bought which gives you $30.00 off of a starter pack. The $39.99 starter now is $9.99 now for the final step. You give them the McDonalds coupon you brought with you and it will take off $10 from the starter pack. BAM! you now are only paying for the pre-order card which after tax at my Target was $1.69. I got Skylanders Giants for both XBOX and Wii U totaling $3.38. I then went to good old Wally World better known as Wal-Mart and found three things I have been waiting for. I already scored the Skylanders Universe Ultimate Sticker Collection by DK Publishing last week thanks to my wife which is an awesome book by the way.


It has over 1,000 reusable full-color stickers and 32 pages for you to create your own battle scenes. Ok back to what I found this week first thing was this…


Skylanders Giants Master Eon’s Official Guide this is the second or part two of the last guide published by Grosset & Dunlap. 176 pages full of Skylanders Giants information plus you get a special poster as well.

Next I saw this…


The World’s Greatest Word Game MAD LIBS! I remember doing these back in school they were fun then and still fun now. If you know what a mad lib is you take words from other people and plug them in the blanks to come up with funny little stories. This would be great for road trips with the kids or just on lazy afternoons to have some family fun.


Finally what I have been dying for the most is part two to The Mask Of Power novels by Onk Beakman. The one is titled Gill Grunt and The Curse of The Fish Master it is a story about Gill Grunt of course! the back cover story reads as follows:

As sea creatures gang up on the landlubbers of Skylands and the mermainds of Last Chance Cove abandon their underwater kingdom, Gill Grunt embarks on an incredible adventure.

I have been waiting to see what was next in this series as I enjoyed the first book. Can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy things Gill Grunt faces in this one. All three books where about $20 so check your local Wal-Mart for these awesome books! Hope you enjoy the pics and check out what I scored at Target below. That’s all for now catch you guys on the Skyside!


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