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Addicts Toy Review-Swap Force Best Buy Exclusive

So I pre-ordered the Swap-Force Best Buy Exclusive Heavy Duty Sprocket when I saw that she was available. I was very pleased with the transaction not only did I get a variant at a good price, but the pre-order came early as well. If you ordered this awesome figure then you may have gotten the same email I received when you chose the in store pick up option. The delivery date was scheduled for 1/12/14, but it arrived at the store 2 days early on 1/10/14. I picked her up yesterday and there was a little trouble finding my order but it was found with huge nametag stickers on the back. Man was it an eye sour but I was able to peel the stickers off without a problem so I wasn’t to upset. I didn’t see any of the figures out on the shelf not sure why, but it seems like that store only got online orders or something (weird).

Ok so lets talk about the goods! First of all the packaging comes with the curved design we have seen with the other figures that have been released in this series.There is nothing special about the packaging it is the same as the one used to package the normal Series 2 Heavy Duty Sprocket figures. The card and sticker is the same as normal Series 2 Sprocket as well. The figure is very lite in weight, but it is well put together and had a solid paint job. The top half of the figure, which is Sprocket’s top half is painted in a bright silver metallic paint. The tank she rides in is painted a metallic green color almost the same color as the paint used for the Giants Series 2 Gill Grunt variant. The base is painted the same color silver as the top half and the bottom of the base is the signature ice blue color of this version of the series.

Unfortunately this variant doesn’t have the out of game appearance in game like the Halloween Edition Pumpkin Eye Brawl appearing as normal Eye-Brawl in game during play. It would have been nice to see it look the same as it does out of game in game, but it is still a really cool figure never the less. Heavy Duty Sprocket has pretty average stats; Attack: 80/200, Defense: 140/200, Speed: 50/200, and Luck: 50/200. Once she is upgraded I’m sure she will be one of you favorites to play with I know she is one of mine. Heavy Duty Sprocket is available at most Best Buy stores exclusively for $9.99* (local sales tax applicable), so call your local store before you go out and see if they have any in stock or you can cruise over to the ever so convenient and do a free in-store pick-up or have her shipped right to your door.

To get a better look at Best Buy Heavy Duty Sprocket Variant check out the photos in the gallery. Well I hope you enjoyed the review catch you on the SKYSIDE! Good Luck hunting Addicts & Portal Masters.





I am in no way affiliated with Best Buy nor was I paid for this blog post.

I’m just a crazy collector that likes to write about what I like… and don’t like.

New Variant Comes to Best Buy!

Oh Boy Oh Boy! I have some great news! Like most of you probably have been wondering when is Best Buy going to have a variant as they were apart of the game during previous releases. Swap-Force has been released and Best Buy has been pretty much silent except for the projector wrist bands they where giving away during the release of the game. Well, wait no more because as of 1/12/13 (projected release date) There will be a variant of series 2 Sprocket! Now I’m not sure if this will be an in game variant or just a painted one, but still cool never the less. She is up for pre-order right now on there website so I would go and get yours RIGHT NOW! Check out the pic below she is a beauty. I just put in my order hope to see a lot of Portal Masters and Addicts get there hands on her as well. Good luck everyone hope you don’t have to much trouble trying to score one of these bad boys! I’m getting ready for Skylanders Day at Game Stop more info on that in another post. Catch you guys on SKYSIDE! 


 Heavy Duty Sprocket Best Buy Exclusive Variant

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