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Nitro Head Rush At Big W Stores

Hey Addicts!

Hope you all are enjoying this Saturday afternoon playing some Skylanders I hope. I got some info to share with you all by way of Oz (Australian Portal Masters known what I mean). If you haven’t heard already Nitro Head Rush has been spotted at Big W stores in Australia. She is priced at $19 so all of you in the land of Oz get to your local Big W stores to get your hands on this beautiful figure. US Portal Masters sorry no info on a release date here in the states, but hopefully we see it soon as well. Until Next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!


More Trap Team Pre-Orders for Australia – Skylanders Character List


Hey Addicts!

This info is for our readers and followers from the land down under. Check out this post from Skylanders Character List giving us a little conformation on what’s to come on release day with Wave 1. I can’t wait to get my hands on Funny Bone, Chopper, Torch and Nitro Krypt King the first 4 I want to play with. Who are you going to play with first? That’s it for now until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

More Trap Team Pre-Orders for Australia – Skylanders Character List.

via More Trap Team Pre-Orders for Aussie – Skylanders Character List.

New Variant Coming to Australia

Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy

Hey Addicts!

I have gotten word that there is an exclusive Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy variant being given away at Target to Australian Portal Masters. Unfortunately, there is a catch to this giveaway you have to spend $30 to get a chance to get one of 25 figures being given away.

I’m excited for this variant as there has not been a flocked figure in a while and he is so cool looking. I hate that it so far away, but we have gotten all kinds of variants here in the US so it’s only right. Makes me wish I lived in Aussie 🙂 For more info go to (the page isn’t live yet). Special thanks go to reader Marty Jordan for sharing the picture with me and Dark Spyro reader mantez for originally posting sharing this great info.

Until next time Happy Hunting and I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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