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Nitro Krypt King

Hi my Lander lot so a little bit info for all our UK collectors.

Nitro Krypt King can now be preordered from ASDA in the UK and it has a price tag of only £13 which I personally think is a really good price for a variant Trap Master…


Here’s the link for u all so get preordering to guarantee you get yours.—Skylanders-Trap-Team-Character—Nitro-Krypt-King/003754871,default,pd.html?dual=0




This is gonna be a must have for all collectors, and I know I’m definitely getting it!

Walmart Exclusive ( ASDA )


Get a look at this image Walmart have released the buddy buy trap team packaging is class.

Here’s hoping the uk gets them through asda!!! As soon as i know  ill let u all know.

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