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Light & Dark Skylanders Images Leaked

Hey Addicts!

Last week I posted about the new elements being released in Trap Team. In that post I was only able to give you names and rumored descriptions of the characters, well today I paid a visit to dark spyro and noticed that someone posted images of the Light and Dark Skylanders confirming the names and what type of creatures they are. It was also stated that these figures will be sold in newly announced Action Packs.


Blackout and Spotlight are both dragon type Core Skylanders. Blackout looks like cross between Spyro and Bash just black with a horn in the middle of his head, while Spotlight looks like a combination of Whirlwind and Flashwing just white with a sun emblem on her head. I think I am going to call them Bashro and Whirlwing lol! Knightmare is a black colored female centaur character wielding a huge sword and Knightlight is a white colored winged warrior bird that also has a really huge sword both Knightmare and Knightlight are Trap Masters. I’m most excited about the Light element Skylanders especially Knightmare! I expect that these guys to be very popular once released. Check out the images below in the gallery and let me know what you think about these SKYTASTIC! new characters. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!


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