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Skylander Addicts Review-Light & Dark Expansion Packs



Hey Addicts!

Got another fun-filled episode of Skylander Addicts TV loaded up on YouTube. This time I’m reviewing the much-anticipated Light & Dark Expansion Packs. I decided to do this episode using Black Lights to celebrate the release of the Light and Dark Expansion Packs take a minute to look at how that turned out.

Well guys my Loot Crate just came in so I’m going to bust it open and see what I got. This months subscription has an exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl in it can you say happier than a kid trapped in a candy store? 🙂 Hope you all enjoy the video… Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Skylander Addicts Review-IDW Mini Comics & More

Hey Addicts!

A few weeks ago I was privileged to receive an email from a PR person at IDW asking if I would like to review the new Mini Comics. Of course my answer was a big fat “YES!” So, about a week after that I got a package in the mail came nicely bubble wrapped with care, great job IDW with packing the box by the way. Proper packing is key in this game called collecting it can make and break you. There are still a few companies that don’t get the concept yet.

Anywho, check out the video below to get a closer look at the comics. If you don’t already own them I suggest getting to your local Toys R Us, GameStop, and Comic Book Shop immediately! Midtown Comics is a great place to shop for your comic book needs If you haven’t heard of this place you are missing out on one heck of an experience IMO. Not only do they have a huge store in NYC, but they have an online store as well with great prices, subscription and back stock options.

I have gotten pretty much all of my comics from this company and I am rather pleased with the orders I made through them. They came perfectly mint inside of a brown bag then that bag was placed inside of a special cardboard box that kept everything in place. They are definitely one of my favorite collectible retailers when you order or visit their store tell them LJ The Toy Addict sent cha!  Take a look at the gallery to see the cover art for the latest Skylanders Comic Book. Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Skylander Addicts TV!-Surprise Mail Call

Hey Addicts!

Check it out! I got a surprise package the other day the kids were home from school and were very excited to see I had a package. They always get excited when I get packages because they know it usually is some new toys Daddy loves him some toys! (LOL) Take a look at the video below to see just what we got. I’ll be putting up a full review video later today so you guys can get a better look at the figures.

Please disregard the contest in this video as we will be giving away these figures through our Christmas Giveaway. It just didn’t make sense to do a giveaway right before the monster giveaway starting at noon. We are going to be giving away all kinds of Skylanders stuff! Keep a look out here or check out our Facebook Page for more details. Please share this with other Skylander Addicts, Portal Masters, Skylanders Fans and Collectors.

Special Thanks to Activision for sending us this BOOMTASTIC review material! Don’t forget to join us today @12pm for the 1st Annual Skylander Addicts 12 Days of Christmas Contest Giveaway. Good Luck Everyone! Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Skylander Addicts Review-XBOX 360 Skylanders Trap Team Dark Starter Pack

Hey Addicts!

As promised here is a review of the Dark Edition. I did a quick comparison of the regular starter and dark starter. If you make it to the end of the video you will see the special announcement. Enjoy! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Life trap for trap team


#skylandersgame #activision
Firstly I would like to give a big thx to skylandersgame on facebook who ran the competition I won this through, as u can see my son was a bit excited to receive it today!!!!!


Heres a better image of it a bit closer.


This is the top left corner of the box showing the exclusive “riot shield shredder” that is pre trapped inside already.


These traps are bigger than I had imagined them to be as u can see they are the size of a giant in the box and about the size of a normal skylanders figure out of the box.


Here is a few of the images on the back of the pack of other traps that will be coming out.


Finally I pic of the full back of the trap package for u all to see…..

I am really grateful for this trap and it now has me wanting trap team even more than I did not that I thought that was possible! Activision if u would like to send me the game early ill happily accept we can just put it down as game testing!!! Have a nice day my looney lander lot and c u on the skyside.

Addicts Toy Review-Swap Force Best Buy Exclusive

So I pre-ordered the Swap-Force Best Buy Exclusive Heavy Duty Sprocket when I saw that she was available. I was very pleased with the transaction not only did I get a variant at a good price, but the pre-order came early as well. If you ordered this awesome figure then you may have gotten the same email I received when you chose the in store pick up option. The delivery date was scheduled for 1/12/14, but it arrived at the store 2 days early on 1/10/14. I picked her up yesterday and there was a little trouble finding my order but it was found with huge nametag stickers on the back. Man was it an eye sour but I was able to peel the stickers off without a problem so I wasn’t to upset. I didn’t see any of the figures out on the shelf not sure why, but it seems like that store only got online orders or something (weird).

Ok so lets talk about the goods! First of all the packaging comes with the curved design we have seen with the other figures that have been released in this series.There is nothing special about the packaging it is the same as the one used to package the normal Series 2 Heavy Duty Sprocket figures. The card and sticker is the same as normal Series 2 Sprocket as well. The figure is very lite in weight, but it is well put together and had a solid paint job. The top half of the figure, which is Sprocket’s top half is painted in a bright silver metallic paint. The tank she rides in is painted a metallic green color almost the same color as the paint used for the Giants Series 2 Gill Grunt variant. The base is painted the same color silver as the top half and the bottom of the base is the signature ice blue color of this version of the series.

Unfortunately this variant doesn’t have the out of game appearance in game like the Halloween Edition Pumpkin Eye Brawl appearing as normal Eye-Brawl in game during play. It would have been nice to see it look the same as it does out of game in game, but it is still a really cool figure never the less. Heavy Duty Sprocket has pretty average stats; Attack: 80/200, Defense: 140/200, Speed: 50/200, and Luck: 50/200. Once she is upgraded I’m sure she will be one of you favorites to play with I know she is one of mine. Heavy Duty Sprocket is available at most Best Buy stores exclusively for $9.99* (local sales tax applicable), so call your local store before you go out and see if they have any in stock or you can cruise over to the ever so convenient and do a free in-store pick-up or have her shipped right to your door.

To get a better look at Best Buy Heavy Duty Sprocket Variant check out the photos in the gallery. Well I hope you enjoyed the review catch you on the SKYSIDE! Good Luck hunting Addicts & Portal Masters.





I am in no way affiliated with Best Buy nor was I paid for this blog post.

I’m just a crazy collector that likes to write about what I like… and don’t like.

Current Resident Really?

Hey Addicts!

Been a while been a little under the weather and my wife just recently had surgery as well so I have had to fall back a bit. So since I have been gone there have been a bunch of Purple Eye-Brawl figures on E-Bay I haven’t been able to get one yet, but I will. I did however get Sidekicks today, but I wasn’t pleased with the way it was addressed. I got my packages in the mail and they where addressed to me, but they also said or Current Resident! Wha! You mean to tell me that if it went to the wrong address someone else would get what I clearly paid for Really? Tisk, Tisk, Tisk Activision that is so not cool! I guess it is there way of dealing with scalpers, but what about those of us that really are just trying to finish our collections? I guess if they get lost they will be replaced who knows guess we will have to wait for a horror story. Anyway, on another note thanks to my friend Matt from the UK for getting me my first Glitter Variants. They are so beautiful check out the pictures of them now I only need Pearl Hot Head I plan to get these in sealed boxes as well, but it will be nice to play in style. Well that’s it guys enjoy the photos catch you on the Skyside!

Light Core Pop Fizz and Light Core Chill Found at Toys R Us!

Hey Skylander Addicts and Collectors!

I have some good news! Most of us have been seeing Light Core Pop Fizz and Chill online on sites like and Toys R Us has had them up for pre-order for months now! (well at least Pop fizz LC Chill here as of late) Well today while hunting I found LC Pop Fizz and LC Chill at my local Toys R Us they were $12.99 each.


There where only a few hidden amongst other figures (almost didn’t see them). I also found a few other interesting things at TRU and Target as well check them out below.


Skylanders Sketch Book $7.99 at Toys R Us


Skylanders Pencil Topper 3 pk $2.99 at Toys R Us Collect all six characters include Trigger Happy, Eruptor, Terrafin, Gill Grunt, Spyro (Not Pictured), and Chop Chop.


Skylanders Clicker Pen $4.99 at Toys R Us choose from Trigger Happy, Eruptor, Gill Grunt, and Spyro (Not Pictured)


Skylanders 3D Jumbo Eraser and Mystery Pencil Topper $3.99 at Target same as the other puzzle erasers you get from Wal-Mart and TRU, but the package is different and comes with the mystery topper. Choose from Swarm, Crusher, And Tree Rex not sure if all the toppers are available in the mystery packs or just 3 of them. Let you know when I find out.

Last but not least we have the Skylanders 3D Puzzle blind bag $2.99 at Target as well. Now this would be cool if it wasn’t the same three most of us already have! Maybe they will surprise with some new ones in the future my kids have a ball playing with them. The greatest part is if they break apart no worries just put it back together and keep playing!


Well that’s all I have today for you guys catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Thanks to a little info from we have news that Polar Whirlwind is in Canada as a Gamestop Exclusive. As Atlus said we should be seeing them pop up here in the US very soon as a Gamestop exclusive don’t know for sure as of yet but it is rather likely.


LJ “The Skylanders Addict”


Are you Addicted? How I became a Skylanders Superfan!

I definitely think I am a Skylanders Superfan! As I like to say, “If it’s about Skylanders it’s about me!” I only started my collection this past Christmas.


I had seen the game in store when it was first released at Gamestop. I even was reading reviews about it in Game Informer and IGN, but I still wasn’t sold on getting the game. I thought that it was a game for kids and was going to be too childish or easy for me (Boy was I wrong). What sold me on the game was the figures and my 3 yr old daughter (she was 2 at the time). The first figure I saw in person was Spyro from the original Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure starter pack. I have always loved dragons especially Spyro so I thought it was cool to see him in a new game and with a figure. I loved the color and craftsmanship of the toy. I have a been into collecting action figures since I was a kid and always loved the artistry and talent needed to give the toys life.

Now here is where my daughter came into the picture. We were at Best Buy shopping I was looking at the new games that were coming out and had decided to grab Mortal Kombat the Collector’s Edition with the Sub-Zero & Scorpion books ends and Disney Universe. While I was debating on if I even wanted Disney Uni, I her my daughter squeal like a very excited little piggy, the sound she makes when she really is happy about something, cute and weird all at the same time. So of course I’m curious to know what has made her so happy. So I look up to see her play the Skylanders game with the biggest smile on her face she says to her mother, “Mommy, look I’m playing the game! I like this game!” At that point I knew I had to have it not just for me, but for her as well I wanted to see that same joy and happiness I saw again and again. Well to make a long story short, since then I have collected at least a hundred figures. I have all of the Giants Figures to date including Ninjini which I traveled from Ohio to NYC the day before the the event with my wife and kids.


We drove over night to be there standing in line in the cold waiting to get her and get her we did. I have all of the SSA figures except Lighting Rod, but I am actually waiting on him to come in the mail.

I have a lot of variants too the Flocked Stump Smash, all the mini Side-kicks from SSA, Gold Chop Chop, Crystal Cynder, Blue Bash, Green Gill Grunt, GITD Cynder, Sonic Boom, and Fright Rider, Red Drill Sergeant, Granite Crusher, Dark Spyro, Molten Hot Dog, Royal Double Trouble, Gnarly Tree Rex, and all of the Legendary figures. I got it so bad that I got all of the Mega Bloks construction sets to date, the stretchy Skylanders figures including the Legendary ones, just about every poster, hat and T-shirt you can find, Fleece Blankets, 2 out of the 3 Topps Trading card binders the UK and US versions, The Collector’s Tin, about half of the Topps Skylanders Giants Dog Tags, the blue Wii, a skin for my XBox, Skylanders joysticks for all of my systems, the Mega Puzzles (Still working on getting all of these), all the Toss ‘Em figures, 2 Castle Cases,  and the books. Only thing i need is the Fleece sacks, the stylists, the key chains and the 4 Plush toys with the portals. If they made PJ’s in my size i probably would have then too lol! I am a big kid at heart and I like to have fun.This by all means is fun, heck it a blast!

Since playing and trying to find characters I joined a few groups and decided to start my own as well as a website dedicated to the wonderful world of Skylands. Some of you may be saying, “Wow! He is really a NERD!” In my opinion I’m not a nerd I just enjoy a broad spectrum of things. Some of them just happen to be what some consider geeky or weird. I know it’s really funny coming from a rapper/singer/producer that does some of the other things I do in my spare time, but you only live once as the saying goes so I’m enjoying my vybe (Please don’t kill it).

Am I a superfan? To say the least. Am I addicted? I think that’s an understatement. Now the real question is do I plan on stopping anytime soon? My answer to that is you heard the story of Peter Pan right?


To see more pictures from my collection, the collection of other addicts like myself, and more go to

Also check out my website for contests and news at


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