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Happy National Donut Day

Hey Addicts!

In honor of National Donut Day, the Skylanders SuperChargers have some donuts of their own to share check out the video below.

Activision Is Interested in Making a Skylanders Movie – Nintendo Life

Skylanders Trap Team_Bushwhack

Hey Addicts! I think our prayers may be getting answered soon. According to Nintendo Life Activision is thinking about making a Skylanders movie! I personally would like to see a Skylanders cartoon series as well as ¬†a movie. What do you think Addicts? Would you go out and see Skylanders:The Movie if it ever were to come to theaters? I bet there would be a game based on the movie with reposed figures and new Skylanders from the film. Hopefully we fnd out sooner than later, but until then I’ll settle for an announcement about Skylandes 5 ūüôā

Source: Nintendo Life

Hoppy Easter From The Skylanders Minis

Hey Addicts!

Check out this sweet Easter video from the Skylnaders Minis featuring Eggscellent Weeruptor and Power Punch Pet Vac. Hoppy Easter Skylander Addicts! I know I’m early but tis the season ūüôā

Happy Halloween From the Skylanders

Hey Addicts!

For this spooky holiday Activision has released a special Halloween themed trailer. Check it out below if you dare!!! Happy Halloween Skylander Addicts! Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!


E3 2014: Being Bad in Skylanders Trap Team – IGN

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via E3 2014: Being Bad in Skylanders Trap Team – IGN.

Skylander Addicts First Look At Skylanders 4: Skylanders Trap Team

Hey Addicts!

Just like most of you I was waiting to hear the big news, but before I could find out what it was I got an email from Activision with a full break down. So with out further ado here it is all the info we know thus far of the new game Skylanders Trap Team.

Skylanders Trap Team



Skylanders Originator Toys for Bob Returns with

 Ground-Breaking Innovation


Portal Masters Can Now Capture and Play as Villains;

Capture and Play as Kaos for the First Time Ever


SANTA MONICA, Calif. –¬†April 23, 2014¬†¬†Skylanders¬ģ¬†is redefining the toys-to-life phenomenon with yet another ground-breaking innovation,¬†Skylanders Trap Team‚ĄĘ.¬†On¬†October 5¬†in North America, Activision Publishing, Inc.,¬†a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.¬†(NASDAQ: ATVI), will introduce the newest installment to the¬†Skylanders¬†franchise, which will reverse the magic of bringing toys to life – incredibly letting kids pull characters out of the digital world into the physical world.


With¬†Skylanders Trap Team, Portal Masters seek out and defeat the most wanted villains in all of Skylands, pulling them out of the game and into living rooms by capturing them in magical Traps. Players can then send villains back into the game where they play as them to fight for good. The game will include the Traptanium PortalTM, a new ring of magical energy that enables kids to not only bring their Skylanders to life, but also magically capture villains using the new Traps. Once they’ve defeated the villains, kids will be able to place a Trap into the new portal to capture them. They will also be able to hear the villains inside the Traps, an innovation that truly brings life to toys.


This exciting new play pattern also gives players the option to switch between playing as a Skylander hero or a villain at any time, creating fun and unique “tag team” gameplay. In addition, fans can even take their Traps and their Skylanders characters to their friends’ houses for fun, co-operative adventures across all console game systems.


“When we created¬†Skylanders, we invented a new category of play and, in the process, disrupted two industries – videogames and toys.¬† With each new¬†Skylanders¬†game, our commitment to continuous, disruptive innovation has led to surprising and delightful new ways for kids to play with toys and games,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc. “With¬†Skylanders Trap Team, we’re no longer just letting kids bring their toys to life inside the game anymore. This time, we’re letting them pull their toys¬†out¬†of the game as well. We are confident this installment of Skylanders will once again redefine what’s possible at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds.”


“When Activision¬†first introduced¬†the¬†Skylanders¬†franchise¬†in 2011, it promised¬†to¬†redefine play¬†bymerging the physical and digital worlds. The company delivered on that pledge with three blockbuster titles – all of which have been named to the annual¬†Toys”R”Us¬†Holiday Hot Toy List –¬†and is now poised to do it again with the introduction of¬†Skylanders Trap Team,” said Richard Barry,Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer Toys”R”Us, Inc.¬†“With¬†Skylanders Trap Team, Activision is¬† reversing the magic of¬†toys-to-life,¬†allowing kids to bring characters out of the digital world and into the physical world for the first time. We’re thrilled to continue as a marqueedestination for¬†Skylanders¬†products, providing a comprehensive, global marketing and merchandising program, including our fully exclusive Legendary series of figures that will introduce¬†Skylanders Trap Team¬†to our enthusiastic customers this October.”


In¬†Skylanders Trap Team, Kaos continues his ongoing quest to rule over Skylands.¬† He has discovered the location of the legendary Cloudcracker Prison — a fortress built entirely out of the magical substance TraptaniumTM¬†and home to Skylands’ most nefarious baddies. ¬†In an attempt to build his own army of foes, Kaos blows up the prison, releasing the most wanted villains and blasting shards of¬†Traptanium¬†to Earth in the form of Traps. ¬†Now it’s up to Portal Masters to recapture all of the escaped villains using powerful¬†Traptanium¬†Traps and defeat Kaos before it’s too late! The new adventure delivers a diverse and dynamic story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini-games, activities, platforming and drop-in/drop-out co-op play — all set within new compelling environments.


Skylanders Trap Team introduces Skylanders heroes known as Trap Masters, brand new Core Skylanders characters and reposed fan-favorite Skylanders characters. The game also features a variety of elementally aligned Traps with unique and interesting designs. With every addition to their Trap Team collection, Portal Masters unlock exciting gameplay possibilities within each level.


Fans can pre-order¬†Skylanders Trap Team¬†starting on April 23, with special offers available at select retail destinations worldwide.¬†Skylanders Trap Team¬†will be available on Xbox 360‚ĄĘ¬†and¬† Xbox One‚ĄĘvideo game and entertainment systems from¬†Microsoft, PlayStation¬ģ¬†3 and PlayStation¬ģ¬†4 computer entertainment systems, Nintendo’s Wii‚ĄĘ¬†system, Nintendo’s Wii U‚ĄĘ¬†system, and a completely unique adventure available on the Nintendo 3DS‚ĄĘ¬†hand-held system. The game will be available on¬†October 5¬†in North America;¬†October 2¬†in Australia/New Zealand; and¬†October 10¬†in Europe.

Bummer the game isn’t called Skylanders Monsters but after I got a better explanation of¬†the game I like the Trap Team title more now. Now if all this info isn’t enough for you hungry addicts out there check out the the first¬†Skylanders Trap team video trailer! It’s pretty sweet if you ask me but don’t take my word for it see for yourself.

Still not enough for you? Alright! Alright! Check out the gallery to see a bunch of pictures¬†of characters and more! But no more you may get dizzy from all this Skylanders Action ūüôā

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s a bummer that the name of the new game isn’t Skylanders Monsters, but after seeing more info on the new game I like the Trap Team title more. Well now that you have soaked in all this info get on over to the Toys R Us website and get your pre-order in right now! That’s right you can pre-order the game right now be one of the first to say you have your copy waiting for you. Man was that a bunch of great news I’m sure we will get more news soon especially with E3 coming up soon. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Prodigy: Not Just Skylanders for Grown-Ups – GameSpot

Elae  Prodigy figure

I am totally speechless right now! I just watched the trailer for this game and I am very impressed it is called Prodigy. This is an awesome take on classic RPG that reminds you of Skylanders. This game much like Skylanders, uses a platform of 3 rows of 4 squares each pretty much creating 12 portals for you figures to move around the board as well as mini figures which are highly detailed and not cartoonish like Skylanders & Disney Infinity.

The catch is that it isn’t for kids it’s for those of us adults that just can’t get enough of Elfs, Demons, Orcs, Wizards, Warriors, Warlocks, etc. The creators of the game Hanakai Studios are starting a Kickstarter Campaign April 2nd to tell us more about the game. I will be checking out what they will be offering with donations. This definitely is a game I will be donating to I hope you Addicts will join me. Check out the article and video provided by Gamespot for more info on this epic looking game. Maybe Activision will pick up the studio and this game? Maybe it will be the¬†future in the toys to life category? We will just have to stay tuned to see if this even makes it to the big leagues! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about this game. I’m curious to see what many of you have to say.

Prodigy: Not Just Skylanders for Grown-Ups – GameSpot.

via Prodigy: Not Just Skylanders for Grown-Ups – GameSpot.

Downey Contract Talks Leave “Avengers 2,” “Iron Man 4” in Question – Comic Book Resources

Downey Contract Talks Leave “Avengers 2,” “Iron Man 4” in Question – Comic Book Resources.

via Downey Contract Talks Leave “Avengers 2,” “Iron Man 4” in Question – Comic Book Resources.

New Iron Man 3 Trailer: So. Much. Badass.

New Iron Man 3 Trailer: So. Much. Badass..

via New Iron Man 3 Trailer: So. Much. Badass..

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