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GameStop Exclusive: Missile Tow Dive-Clops |

Hey Addicts!

Looks like Missile Tow Dive-Clops comes exclusively at GameStop on November 15th be on the look out! Click the link to see the image that is floating around the skyverse. Hopefully we can get a better image soon.

Update: Better image has been found. Check it out!


via GameStop Exclusive: Missile Tow Dive-Clops |.

Elite Dino Rang, Boomer & Ghost Roaster Packshots

Check out these images from myskylanders.de some of the images have water marks in them, but you can still get the point of what they will look like. Click the link to see what I mean. via Elite Dino ranking, Boomer & Ghoast Roaster Packshots [HD (lied)] |.

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