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Skylanders Rift into Overdrive Preview



Hey Addicts!

I recently got my hardcover version of the latest Skylanders comic titled “Rift Into Overdrive”. The cover art looks fantastic and the story so far is pretty sweet. The book starts with Skylanders enjoying some down time at the Academy partaking in a carnival. Kaos is showing off his good side since he has been captured and forced to be rehabilitated, but is Kaos trying to pull a fast one over on the Skylanders? Take a look at the preview images and tell me what you think.


Want more? Then you will have to get yourself a copy to see what Kaos and Glumshanks are up to. If you haven’t already pre-ordered and are looking to add this book to your collection, just click the link to Midtown Comics and they will take care of you.

Personally I buy most of my comics from Midtown. They have great prices, awesome customer service, and shipping is BOOMTASTIC! Your book(s) will come shipped in a special cardboard box, inside of a midtown brown bag, and each comic will come with a carboard backing inside of a plastic resealable sleeve. Perfect for all of us collectors that like to keep collectibles mint. Order today and save 15% off the original price! Tell ’em we sent ya! 😉

Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Only 5 more days until release day! Are you ready to get Supercharged?


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