Pre Order Supercharger Variants

Hey all! How ya doing?

You getting excited much? It almost here!!!
Well the variants are now beginning to pop up a little bit of everywhere, now we know of 4 different variants, YES 4!!!

First we have the Supercharger Frightful Fiesta Variant. He is the latest Skylander to join the Holiday Variants and he looks pretty BA! He is exclusive to GameStop stores you can pre-order him here.





Next up is Steel Plated Smash Hit! His is one gusty squirrel. This variant is exclusive to Best Buy just so get your pre-order in asap!  Doesn’t Smash Hit remind you of a Best Buy variant from the past? You can preorder this awesome figure here.

Of course we knew there would be Legendary Skylanders as always, but I was totally surprised to see Jet Vac be chosen again. I wonder why they decide to use him instead of another fresh Skylander? He still looks awesome and of course he is only available at Toys R Us stores pre-order him here.


And finally we have Nitro Stealth Stinger this variant is exclusive to Target you can pre-order this figure here.


I wonder if there will also be variants of Fiestas vehicle to match the figure as well as Jet Vac’s? Will we be seeing a Nitro Stealth Elf? Who else will we see become variants? I’m not sure I can take many more surprises, but on the other hand Activision please keep them coming! Until next time see u on the skyside!

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  1. Which of the variants do you think is the best? I’m a passive Skylander addict because my boys have loved the entire series. I’m going to pre-order this game for my son’s birthday and as usual I can’t tell which place to pre-order from. The Target “vehicle” looks really neat but doing a pick up at GameStop is always fun since they specialize and are usually just as excited as we are for a new release. I’d rather not have to run all over town and just order the game and the variant from one place. What do you think?


    • Honestly I’m all about the Dark characters I know there are a lot of them but I have been collecting them from the beginning. I am excited for the Nitro Stealth Stinger as well, but I think my fav right now would have to be Frightful Fiesta. I’m a big fan of Halloween and have Pumpkin Eye-Brawl, so when I saw him I was like oh yeah I gotta have it!


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