Skylanders SuperChargers Big Reveal? Are We Getting Villians? Online Racing? + New SuperChargers Pictures and Screenshots



Hello Addicts, if you all don’t all know already, from the previous Skylanders game (Skylanders Trap Team) we were introduced to villains as playable characters.  They were made playable in game by trapping them in traps.  Yeah, those transparent things that are probably now sitting on your shelf collecting dust with the exception of a few of them.  Well, it looks like we may be dusting those traps off and really using them for Skylanders SuperChargers.

Recent pictures suggest that we may just be seeing playable villain characters in their very own vehicles.  I’m not saying this is 100% confirmed or that we may get all villains as playable characters or that traps may be used to play with villains.  But, from a trap point of view this makes perfect sense.  Trapped characters will be playable in game.  If you think about it, we are getting a smaller amount of figures compared to previous games, so why not utilize the traps to their full potential and reward the players whom have collected and bought traps.

I personally would love to race with villains, and with online, things could get really interesting.  So, enough of the small talk, if villains are brought into the Skylanders SuperChargers, who would you want to see?  Wolfgang, Sheep Mage,  Dream Catcher?  The list could go on…  Let’s look at some new recent pictures too, what do you think?  See you all on the Skyside!

Also as promised, Here are some recent new pictures of Skylanders SuperChargers Characters, artwork, and their vehicles.  Hope you all enjoy!

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  1. From what I’ve heard, the traps will be used to augment the in-game vehicles but it would be cool to have that many playable options right off the bat. I too have been surprised by the relatively small amount of Skylanders announced for the new game and wonder if they still have something up their sleeve.


    • You are correct, the traps are used to augment in game vehicles, but with the recent pictures, one has to wonder, how are you going to play with those villains, or are those going to be separate purchases, like the kaos trophy cup? I guess time will only tell.


      • I just saw an article that stated the trophies unlock 2 tracks and villain boss races. Beat the villain and it’s stored on the trophy allowing you to race as them. Pretty cool…


      • Just posted the official press release that will give you everything you need to know about Skylanders SuperChargers Online and playable villains, thanks for the info.


  2. Wave 1 Superchargers and “race as villain” trophies revealed in pre-order retail packaging. With three big toys to life games all shooting at a similar release window this year it’s no surprise there’s a bit of jostling for position in stores.


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