Wave 4 & Easter Edition Release Update Plus More!

Hey Addicts!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I went on vacation and have had some personal issues arise that needed my attention. I apologize for not keeping you updated as I normally have. Well I’m here with an update on everything we have waited for to be released.



First up the TRU exclusive Red Hot Tussle Sprout Trap has been released. Many portal masters are finding well stocked shelves of them at various Toys R Us locations. If you do not have this variant trap call your local TRU stores to see if they have any in stock.

Now with Easter just around the corner where are the Easter Edition Figures? Well they have been released overseas and according to some of the users on darkspyro and the TRU Instagram we will be seeing not only the Easter Edition figures, but also some Wave 4 and Wave 4.5 figures in limited quantity tomorrow 3/19/2015.


Dark Spyro user Vice gave us a break down of the cases:

Wave 4 and wave 4.5 will be hitting TRU in United States this Thursday for an Ad they are running.
In addition they also have wave 4 Traps. Each case of these traps have 2 Dark Element Traps and 2 Light Element Traps with 4 Kaos Traps per case. The wave 4 cases look to have 2 of each of the Light and Dark Element Trap Masters mixed with 4 ThunderBolt, 4 Short Cut The Wave 4.5 Cases have 2 of each Light and Dark Element Trap Masters plus several Thunderbolt, Short Cut, Blastermind and Tuff Luck.

That is BOOMTASTIC! News! I am glad to finally see some new Skylanders hit the shelves, but unfortunately I won’t be able to take advantage of the release this go round. 😦  I do however hope that you all find what you are looking for. I would be at my local TRU as soon as they open to make the odds be greater in your favor. I’ll be hunting them when they are released everywhere else unless my wife decides to surprise me, but I’m definitely going to grab a few Red Hot Tussle Sprouts for my collection before they disappear. We still have no word on when Batspin and High Five will be released, but I’m sure that we will see them the week before Easter or shortly after as they have already been released overseas and are supposed to be apart of Wave 4. Good Luck hunting to all of you maybe you will find one of these…


Catch you on the SKYSIDE!



GameStop has a release date of 3/29/2015 for all of Wave 4 which will include Batspin & High Five according to DS user ZapNorris.



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