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Hoppy Easter From The Skylanders Minis

Hey Addicts!

Check out this sweet Easter video from the Skylnaders Minis featuring Eggscellent Weeruptor and Power Punch Pet Vac. Hoppy Easter Skylander Addicts! I know I’m early but tis the season 🙂

Holy Batspin Batman! Skylanders Batspin & High Five Hit Toys R Us Shelves

Photo courtesy of Skylander Addict Tina H.


Hey Addicts!

In an unexpected turn of events Toys R Us released a small stock of Batspin and High Five Core Skylanders as well as the expected Red Hot Trap, Easter Edition Figures, and Wave 4 Traps, Trap Masters, and Cores. Some lucky Portal Masters have found Crystal Clear Variants in-store which is Boomtastic! Congrats to you that have. The shelves seemed pretty well stocked from the pictures I have seen. I couldn’t get out to take advantage of any of these awesome releases that have happened in the past few days. I hope to be able to get out this weekend and get some leftovers. I unfortunately think I will be SOL! 😦

I was really surprised to see Batspin & High-Five but was very happy to know that they have been released. I think they will be rare figures from this set like Hot Dog was for Swap-Force hopefully not. Looks like there are tons of Kaos Traps now so it won’t be so rare anymore. (Ha Take That Scalpers!) How many of you were finally able to add Kaos and the new figures to your collection? Show me what cha got! (I’m living vicariously through you all lol!)

Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Addicts On Location At Disneyland

Hey Addicts!

As I stated yesterday I took a vacation to Disneyland with my family and in-laws. I wrote about the trip over at and shared a bunch of pictures on the Go! Figure Facebook page you can see them here. What I didn’t share on the page and I left exclusively for you guys is the Skylanders In The Wild pics I took while I was on vacation. Check out the gallery below for some of the cool shots I was able to capture while out enjoying my time away. I had a blast and can’t wait to visit the West Coast again nothing like the sunshine, sand and the beach. I’ll be publishing part 2 of my Disneyland vacation this weekend over at GoFigureNews.Com for any of you that maybe interested. While you are there take a minute to check out some of the reviews on all sorts of awesome toys and geek news. Until next time I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Wave 4 On Shelves At GameStop

skylander addicts

Hey Addicts!

Wanted to give you a quick update on where to get Wave 4. As of yesterday Portal Masters have been able to get their hands on Trap Masters Short Cut and Thunderbolt at some local GameStop stores. They is said to be a full release by the 29th of this month at all GameStop stores. You can start calling around to your local stores to see what is still in stock. Once these get to the stores they are being put out on the shelves so I expect these to be gone fast. I would get out and about today so that you don’t miss out and have to wait until they are released everywhere else. Don’t forget that Toys R Us is also releasing Wave 4 today along with some other goodies. If you can’t get out today don’t fret as Best Buy will be releasing wave 4 as well on the 22nd. That’s just 3 days away we have waited for these awesome figures to be released for months what’s a few more days. Good Luck! & Happy Hunting Addicts! I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Wave 4 & Easter Edition Release Update Plus More!

Hey Addicts!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I went on vacation and have had some personal issues arise that needed my attention. I apologize for not keeping you updated as I normally have. Well I’m here with an update on everything we have waited for to be released.



First up the TRU exclusive Red Hot Tussle Sprout Trap has been released. Many portal masters are finding well stocked shelves of them at various Toys R Us locations. If you do not have this variant trap call your local TRU stores to see if they have any in stock.

Now with Easter just around the corner where are the Easter Edition Figures? Well they have been released overseas and according to some of the users on darkspyro and the TRU Instagram we will be seeing not only the Easter Edition figures, but also some Wave 4 and Wave 4.5 figures in limited quantity tomorrow 3/19/2015.


Dark Spyro user Vice gave us a break down of the cases:

Wave 4 and wave 4.5 will be hitting TRU in United States this Thursday for an Ad they are running.
In addition they also have wave 4 Traps. Each case of these traps have 2 Dark Element Traps and 2 Light Element Traps with 4 Kaos Traps per case. The wave 4 cases look to have 2 of each of the Light and Dark Element Trap Masters mixed with 4 ThunderBolt, 4 Short Cut The Wave 4.5 Cases have 2 of each Light and Dark Element Trap Masters plus several Thunderbolt, Short Cut, Blastermind and Tuff Luck.

That is BOOMTASTIC! News! I am glad to finally see some new Skylanders hit the shelves, but unfortunately I won’t be able to take advantage of the release this go round. 😦  I do however hope that you all find what you are looking for. I would be at my local TRU as soon as they open to make the odds be greater in your favor. I’ll be hunting them when they are released everywhere else unless my wife decides to surprise me, but I’m definitely going to grab a few Red Hot Tussle Sprouts for my collection before they disappear. We still have no word on when Batspin and High Five will be released, but I’m sure that we will see them the week before Easter or shortly after as they have already been released overseas and are supposed to be apart of Wave 4. Good Luck hunting to all of you maybe you will find one of these…


Catch you on the SKYSIDE!



GameStop has a release date of 3/29/2015 for all of Wave 4 which will include Batspin & High Five according to DS user ZapNorris.



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