If You’re Not an Addict, You Will Be Soon – But I’m Here to Help


Written By Matt Sonnenberg

Addict is truly a good word to describe Skylanders fans. If you’re just starting out, you may not have realized it yet, but you too will soon become an addict.

Starting the Collection

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve heard the same old story. It goes something like this:

I picked up the first game and it was fun. So I picked up a character from each element so that I could unlock everything. That was it, I told myself, I’m not going to buy any more than I need…Now look at my collection…

I don’t know if it’s the way the figures are designed or if it’s the way the games are designed or if it’s just the marketing, but Skylanders are extremely collectible. It’s like a black hole. It will shamelessly draw in absolutely anyone that comes near it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love collectibles. I’ve had the “collection gene” (as my brother calls it) my whole life. I started young with things like pogs and trading cards before moving on to Pokemon (Gotta catch ‘em all!). It only seems natural to slide into something like Skylanders.

Learning to Live with It

There comes a time in every collector’s journey when you have to admit that it’s more than just a casual hobby.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. There is no age limit.

I just think about some people I know who regularly spend $25 each week at the bar or going to the movie theater. That’s where they choose to spend their money. That’s their form of entertainment.

For you and me though, our entertainment comes in the form of a collection. Not only do we get to enjoy the time and effort put into acquiring the collection, but we get to play with, level up, and upgrade our collection. How cool is that?

A Different Focus

While Lennon here at Skylander Addicts does a fantastic job of keeping you informed of any and all things related to Skylanders, my site, SkylandersCharacterList.com (SCL), has a bit narrower focus.

On SCL I am only concerned with the playable figures and how they interact with the Skylanders games. I want keep you informed, but I also want to keep you organized.

Getting Organized

As collections grow it really becomes a necessity to add some sort of organization. Not only do you want to keep track of what you own, but you want to know what you still need to complete your collection.

This is precisely why I started SkylandersCharacterList.com (SCL).

When I got started with Skylanders there was simply no complete list of Skylanders. I found many partial lists and I even found lists with figures that don’t actually exist. I had no easy way to figure out what I had and what I was missing.

To fill this void I created the Skylanders Checklists. These are simple, black and white, printable, PDF checklists. Now they might not be the flashiest lists around, but I can guarantee you they are accurate and complete.

Unexpected Growth

Over the past two years SCL has experienced tremendous growth and I have to attribute most of this success to accuracy and completeness.

Now I’m not saying that other sites aren’t accurate or complete, but these are two qualities of SCL that I often get positive comments about. Naturally I like to hear that SCL has been able to help others, but it’s even better when the help they are receiving aligns perfectly with the reasons I created the site in the first place.

As my readership grew, I realized that there was a lot more I could be doing to help my audience. With each new release came more figures to keep track of and more concepts to try to understand.

For you addicts that have been with us for a few years, it may have been easy to understand, but think about a parent who just found out about Skylanders this year. Where do you start? Four games, four Portals, hundreds of Skylanders, and no idea which way is up…

So this past year I focused on not only providing checklists, but providing insight into how the games work, how the figures work, and how they all interact. Thus the Getting Started section was born on SCL.

Final Thoughts

While I would love you all to come and take a look at what’s going on at SCL, keep this in mind:

Kids: Keep enjoying the games. They were made for you.

Parents: Take a few minutes to increase your Skylanders knowledge (and don’t be afraid to ask questions). Your kids will love you for it and I think you may find that you can enjoy it too.

Everyone Else: You’re never too old to start a collection or enjoy playing games. While the games may be marketed towards kids, there’s a little something for everyone. If you enjoy playing Skylanders (like I do) don’t let anyone stop you.

Whether you’re just getting started with Skylanders or you’ve been around for a while, there will always be a place for you here at Skylander Addicts as well as SCL.

About Lennon "LJ The Toy Addict" George

This website is dedicated to giving information about the Skylanders game, Skylanders toy deals, Skylanders in store events, Skylanders contests, and the world of collecting Skylanders Merchandise. Lennon George Owner/Creator of the website has been into Collecting and Writing for many years, but they are just a few of the things that he really enjoys. When he is not collecting he is producing music with his production team GoReaLaTuneZ. He also strives to be a good husband to his wife and father to his three children. For questions or media inquires he can be reached by email at skylander.addicts.collectibles@gmail.com

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