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Nitro Head Rush At Big W Stores

Hey Addicts!

Hope you all are enjoying this Saturday afternoon playing some Skylanders I hope. I got some info to share with you all by way of Oz (Australian Portal Masters known what I mean). If you haven’t heard already Nitro Head Rush has been spotted at Big W stores in Australia. She is priced at $19 so all of you in the land of Oz get to your local Big W stores to get your hands on this beautiful figure. US Portal Masters sorry no info on a release date here in the states, but hopefully we see it soon as well. Until Next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Skylander Addicts 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-Day 7


Hey Addicts!

We have reached the half way mark of our contest giveaway just a few more days until Christmas. Are you excited? I know I am this is going to be a great holiday for me and my family. Today’s contest is for our Instagram followers to win Follow our Instagram page @skylanderaddicts, Like the post, and Share the post with the hashtag #GnarlySkylanderAddiction. I want to thank you all for entering thus far and say congrats to our winners. Good Luck to everyone entering and as always I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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