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Toysrus uk sale

For all people in the uk that are missing figures from there swapforce collection and don’t have a great amount of money spare here’s some info you will want to know!
From 15/9/2014 which is tomorrow toysrus will be have a large clear out of swap force stock with there figures reduced down to £3.99 and if u don’t have the game yet then get a starter pack which will be reduced to £14.99

If you don’t have hex from ssa that is reduced to only 96p! That’s right a brand new figure in the box for less that a quid

Happy hunting and I hope this saves you all a few quid and ill see u on the skyside.

Trap Team Prices Wave 1 Toys R Us UK


trap-team-cover photo

Good afternoon my looney lander lot, today I received info about the price lists of the figures in uk toy store @toyrus

Single figures £9.99
Adventure packs £24.99
Legendary Jaw Breaker £12.49
Legendary Adventure pack £24.99
Legendary Déjà Vu £9.99
Minis wave 1 and 2 £14.99
Trap masters £14.99
Traps £5.99
Triple packs £14.99

I personally don’t think the prices are too high just about the same as swap force really, there was no info as to what figures will be in what packs but if u go off other blogs on the #skylanderaddicts website you can work it out easily.

See u all on the skyside and happy hunting to all u collectors out there…

Unfortunately there was no info about this yet for the uk but hopefully that will change in the next week or so



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