Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1 & 2 images of the traps & more |

Hey Addicts!

I have been under the weather and have had alot going on in my personal life so I haven’t posted as usual. My grandfather passing recently really put me in a rut. I’m not all the way back to being normal so to speak, but I wanted to make sure I kept you guys updated best I could. has released images of the toy packaging as well as toy images and images of the traps.

The packaging is beautiful and not rounded like previous versions. I am over excited to play the new game, but with everything going on I will have to take it slow this go around. Check out the link to get more info and see all of the images I mentioned. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1 & 2 images of the traps & more |.

via Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1 & 2 images of the traps & more |.

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