Frito Lay Purple Hot Dog


I’m keeping it short and sweet this time as the image speaks for itself….
One of the 3 new frito skylanders 2014 promotion

This is purple there is 2 others green and red I think

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  1. Won 2, can’t wait until they get here! Still hoping to get the third one, but may be hard now that the pictures are out and we see how awesome he is.


  2. I didn’t receive an email telling me if i won or not, i only got one confirming my entry. Help anyone?


    • You should be getting an email telling you to contact them for conformation when they are going to ship. I haven’t won yet still, but that is what happened to my buddy. Hope that helps.


      • Thank you! I am also wondering one more thing that you probably don’t know, but in case you do, I am wondering when I should receive a winning or non-winning email, because it has been at least 1 day since I entered. However, I received the entry confirmation August 15 in the morning (Pacific Time.) So I would like to know when I should be receiving the winner or non-winner email. also, I cannot re-enter until I receive the non-winning email if I lost. (Sorry if I confused you :3 ) Thanks!


      • Hi there is a free phone number u can call and it tells u during the call if u win or not. I’m not sure on the other hand how long it takes to get a response via email….. hope this help and good luck


      • If you called the number you should have been told you are a winner as ziotec said. As it seems you already got your winner email not sure how long it will be before you get another email maybe about a week or 2. Hope you get it soon and congrats on your win 🙂


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