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Activate & Activision Account Merger

Good morning fellow portal masters and their respective parents/guardians.

Just a heads up for those of you who play the Skylanders mobile games. Activate accounts and Activision accounts will be merging in September.

If you have both or one you will be receiving an email (see below ) about validating your account(s) before the merger or they will become inactive.

If you have neither or were unable to create an activate account after they stopped offering them, you will be able to create an Activision account to use with the games.

The email is as follows…
“IMPORTANT: Action required to retain access to your Activision accounts.

You are receiving this email because you have both an Activision online account and an ACTIVATE mobile account registered to the above email address.

To simplify account management we plan to merge these two accounts into a single account. All of your saved data will be preserved and available in the single account. The account password will be the same as your original Activision account.

To merge these two accounts into a single account, please click on the links below. You must click both links below by August 18th to retain access to your account data:

Activision console account validation: click here

ACTIVATE mobile account validation: click here

If you do not click on both of the above links, both your Activision online account and ACTIVATE mobile account will be marked inactive as of September 2, 2014 and access will no longer be possible. In addition, please note that if your account becomes inactive your game data and/or progress may be lost.

We appreciate your taking time to help us simplify and improve our service to our dedicated community of gamers.

Thank you”

Happy gaming,

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