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Pre Order Skylanders Hot Dog Carlton Heirloom Ornament

Hey Addicts!

Doing my usual rounds I came across something that made me get over excited! Since I have played the Skylanders game I have always wondered why there had not been a Skylanders Hallmark Christmas Ornament made of some sort. It seems to have been a thought in someone else’s mind as well. This Christmas Carlton Heirloom Ornaments by American Greetings is giving us Portal Masters a holiday version of Hot Dog. It can be pre-ordered now but won’t be released until September. The ornament is 3.5” x 2.5” in size and from the picture he looks remarkable.

There is also a different version of the ornament that has Hot Dog sitting on an ice island instead of the regular island. There is no other information available to us about there being more ornaments or color variants but we will keep a look out for more. The ornament is priced at $12.95 plus tax and shipping if you order online.

Looks like this is going to be one HOT Christmas this year I foresee this being a hot item. Who else would you like to see as an ornament? Let us know in the comments section. Check out the gallery and click the links to get yours ordered today! Thanks to Dark Spyro reader Okaps for the info. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Hot Dog Ornament (Regular Island): http://goo.gl/4tQqfS

Hot Dog Ornament (Ice Island): http://goo.gl/XKqvxL

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Cool Skylander Eggs!

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Skylanders – Magic In A Modern World

Nice read

Upon Completion

Imagine you are your younger self. You are browsing through your gaming catalog and you see your favourite purple dragon and an announcement that he is in a new game! WOW!


SKY - Chars

But that is not all, young reader; far from it. You will be able to get a figure of your favourite purple dragon! Oh, ummmm, okay, you may think.
That figure can be put on a portal accessory and transport you favourite purple dragon INTO THE GAME?! WOWOWOWOW!

This is what Skylanders does, and it adds 31 other figures alongside Spyro.

Sky - All Dem Figs Plenty of colourful characters. =D

When I heard about this, I was doubtful of it’s motives, yet enchanted by it’s concept. I could only see myself as a younger form, looking longly at the magic and marvel behind these characters bursting into life before my eyes.

A couple of years ago, I bought the starter set and a…

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Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition Available for Pre-Order At Toys R Us

Hey Addicts!

Today is a good day! There has been talk of a Dark Edition starter pack being released for a few days now since the article was posted by myskylanders.de. Today we get an image of what the starters will look like thanks to Toys “R” Us. The Dark starter includes the Skylanders Trap Team Game, the new Traptanium Portal, Dark variant versions of Food Fight, Wildfire, and Snap Shot as well as 3 Trap Keys. We get the water and life keys from the regular starter packs and what looks like a Dark Kaos Trap Key or THE Kaos Trap Key. I hope it is a Dark Kaos Trap Key that would be insanely sweet! This version of Starter Packs is priced at $99.99 and set to be released on the same day as all other starter packs October 5th 2014. Check out the pics in the gallery and click the link to get your hands on this epic set. This is sure to have all us crazy addicts and collector’s going wild now, but how many of you are getting this? Are there some of you out there that feel that the dark theme has been over done? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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