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Punch, Kick, It's All in the Mind

I apologize for the lack of updates.  Work related training threw my schedule out of whack and it’s been a bear trying to get it straightened out.


In the meantime, Nintendo recently had a press conference with their investors giving them a bit of a sneak peak of what to expect coming up soon at E3.  Amoung the stats and shifting focus, they spoke of a new idea, NFP.  NFP would feature Nintendo figures that could be used with the Wii U’s built in RF scanner to play not just a game with them,  but multiple games.  Much like Skylanders or Disney Infinity, players could use these figures to save and load data to the game. Unlike those, they suggested it would work differently for multiple titles, and possibly multiple platforms.  In conjunction with this, the 3DS will be getting an accessory that would work as an RF scanner as…

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Doom Stone and Kick Off Countdown Come to Toys R Us

Hey Addicts!

Yeah I know it’s been a while since I posted anything I’m sorry guys but life sucks sometimes and you have to re-group before you can continue on. Ok life lesson over lol! Let’s talk Skylanders shall we?

Ok if you don’t already know Doom Stone is coming to Toys R Us 5/13/14 that is 2 days away!

Can you say stoked!!! I couldn’t make it out to the Time Square event in NYC so I missed out on grabbing him early. I have looked forward to have him added to my collection. There have been some Portal Masters that already have snagged Doom Stone at Wal-Mart stores on the West Coast according to darkspyro.net.

If you want to play the “Everyday I’m Hunting” game then by all means go for it, but I’m waiting until Tuesday personally.

In other Skylanders News looks like Kick Off Count Down will also make an appearance at TRU as well but it won’t be until 5/18/14. He has been a figure most of you and I included have been anticipating on being released. I like soccer so it is a must have for my collection.

Heads up all UK Portal Masters that don’t know Doom Stone has already been released you can find him at your local Smyths Toys for only £14.99! If you still need to add him to your collection get to your local Smyths or go to their website and order him today.


Well that’s it for now guys if I find out any more info I will be sure to let you know as always. Until next time catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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