FUZZY Springtime Trigger Happy info…The latest!

Happy Thursday all,

I have been making numerous trips to Toys R Us over the last few days to garnish whatever information I can get about the Fuzzy Springtime Trigger Happy coming out tomorrow. Here’s a quick breakdown of the info:

There is only Fuzzy Springtime Trigger Happy per case. Most stores only received 1 case. Stores open at their normal hours, so it is first come first served (Remember to keep it civil please lol)

Associates were instructed earlier this weak to “pull” all the normal Springtime Trigger Happy figures and backstock them for Friday. This was done for a couple reasons; one being corporate instituted a POS (register) lock on the figure since the Fuzzy has the same barcode. The other being that the Fuzzy will be mixed in on the pegs with the other 11 Springtime Trigs from the case plus whatever they pulled off the shelves thereby creating a sort of “easter egg” hunt.

So if this figure is something you are really wanting I suggest you get there early portal masters!

Happy Hunting,



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