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It’s Monday which means back to the daily grind for many. But, it also means new weekly deals started yesterday and there’s some great ones for Skylanders.

With Easter coming up, these deals could help fill your little portal master’s basket or your own. (Extra money saving tip at the bottom)

Let’s start with the obvious and the best deals this week, Toys R Us
This week they are offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on ALL Skylander Giants and Skylander Spyro’s Adventure figures $15.99 or less.
As well as BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF ALL Skylanders Swap Force figures. So essentially every figure that isn’t in an adventure or battle pack from all 3 games is on sale!!!
They are also offering Skylander Swap Force starter packs for 50% OFF, making them $37.49.


Let’s move on to Target.
Their major deal this week is Skylander Swap Force starters for $39.99, which isn’t as good as Toys R Us is offering but you can always price match to save some money.
They also have a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE going on for all Skylander Swap Force figures.

target ad 2



target ad 1

Moving on to GameStop.

The only good deals they are offering this week are $40 OFF the Skylanders Swap Force Dark starter pack, making it $59.99. They are also offering BUY 2 GET 1 FREE on figures.

gamestop ad

All of these are great deals for those just starting out or looking to expand their collections.

To make it even sweeter!
If you have been to McDonalds and gotten a Happy Meal Skylanders Swap Force toy, then you got a great manufacturer coupon for $10 OFF any Skylanders Swap Force starter pack. Used in conjunction with any of the starter pack deals this week brings the price to below $30!

Happy Hunting Portal Masters,


New Variant Coming to Australia

Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy

Hey Addicts!

I have gotten word that there is an exclusive Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy variant being given away at Target to Australian Portal Masters. Unfortunately, there is a catch to this giveaway you have to spend $30 to get a chance to get one of 25 figures being given away.

I’m excited for this variant as there has not been a flocked figure in a while and he is so cool looking. I hate that it so far away, but we have gotten all kinds of variants here in the US so it’s only right. Makes me wish I lived in Aussie 🙂 For more info go to target.com.au/skylanders/win (the page isn’t live yet). Special thanks go to reader Marty Jordan for sharing the picture with me and Dark Spyro reader mantez for originally posting sharing this great info.

Until next time Happy Hunting and I’ll catch you on the SKYSIDE!

My First Comic Con-Louisville Comic Con 2014 & Manu Bennett

Hey Addicts!

Now I know this isn’t Skylander related, but I had so much fun I had to tell you guys about it! A couple of weeks ago my family and I took a trip to the Wizard World Comic Convention in Louisville Kentucky. It was our first Comic Con and it was an awesome experience to say the least. My son and daughter had a blast as did I. My wife didn’t find it as interesting, but the kids and I were having fun so she was happy. I was able to meet a lot of people, see some really cool stuff, and shop from some pretty sweet vendors. There were some really impressive Cosplay costumes being showcased I was really impressed by the Dalek worn by Cosplayer Jon Cook whom took home the prize for Best In Show. I ironically took pictures of almost everyone whom one or got an honorable mention guess I know how to pick ’em lol!

Seeing Manu Bennett in person was sweet he has a really cool accent bet the ladies turn to jelly when he speaks lol! Check out the clip in the video of his interview at the Con. I scored a lot of sweet Pop Vinyl’s even met Chris Hamer and got a pic with him going to order a commission from him of a character(s) I know he hasn’t done yet so can’t wait! I also met “The Zombie King” Arthur Suydam and the Legendary Neal Adams! Mr. Suydam was a really cool guy I asked him to choose his favorite piece from the sets he was selling and sign it for me which he did as well as signed my Michonne Pop Vinyl which is now the Holy Grail piece in my collection.

I think I have become hooked to comic cons because I can’t wait until C2E2 Chicago Comic Con for those of you that have know idea what I just said lol! I’m stoked about seeing Stan Lee and getting the metallic and the regular versions of the Blue Lantern Flash Pop Vinyl. I put together a little montage of my trip and posted it to the Skylander Addicts TV page on YouTube. I included the video here in the post give it a look to see pictures and more from my journey and while your there take a min to subscribe to the channel as well. If you see someone you know or if you see yourself in the video leave a comment and let me know. Until next time, catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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