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Prodigy: Not Just Skylanders for Grown-Ups – GameSpot

Elae  Prodigy figure

I am totally speechless right now! I just watched the trailer for this game and I am very impressed it is called Prodigy. This is an awesome take on classic RPG that reminds you of Skylanders. This game much like Skylanders, uses a platform of 3 rows of 4 squares each pretty much creating 12 portals for you figures to move around the board as well as mini figures which are highly detailed and not cartoonish like Skylanders & Disney Infinity.

The catch is that it isn’t for kids it’s for those of us adults that just can’t get enough of Elfs, Demons, Orcs, Wizards, Warriors, Warlocks, etc. The creators of the game Hanakai Studios are starting a Kickstarter Campaign April 2nd to tell us more about the game. I will be checking out what they will be offering with donations. This definitely is a game I will be donating to I hope you Addicts will join me. Check out the article and video provided by Gamespot for more info on this epic looking game. Maybe Activision will pick up the studio and this game? Maybe it will be the future in the toys to life category? We will just have to stay tuned to see if this even makes it to the big leagues! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about this game. I’m curious to see what many of you have to say.

Prodigy: Not Just Skylanders for Grown-Ups – GameSpot.

via Prodigy: Not Just Skylanders for Grown-Ups – GameSpot.

Buy Cool Stuff From Our Affiliates

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I’m happy to announce that we have teamed up with some amazing companies such as Entertainment Earth, GoHastings, and Mattel. To bring you great deals on some of your favorite toy brands like Activision’s Skylanders, Funko’s Pop Vinyl’s, Mega Brands Mega Bloks & Puzzles, Mattel’s Monster High & Barbie, and much more! If you buy any of these products or love any of these sweet brands, please use the links from the blog as it helps to keep all the Addicts pages and blog sites alive. I appreciate all of your support and I will continue to do my best to bring you awesome deals, entertaining updates, and cool contests to enjoy. Click the link below to see our Buy Cool Stuff page for more Cool Stuff!

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Skylanders Swap Force Enchanted LightCore Star Strike Unboxing

Check out this epic unboxing from Brayn’s Toy Haven & Skylander Addicts! Take a look at the channels and make sure to enter the contests going on right now. Also when you get a min please subscribe to our channels links are below. TIA!

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New Swap Force Variants Sited

Hey Addicts!

I have some awesome news for you guys! I got a message from a buddy of mine yesterday on Facebook. He sent me two pictures of the latest variants. I must say these are the weirdest of all the variants we have seen thus far. You will understand why I said that once I tell you what they look like. The first picture was of Stink Bomb the top half of his body is Silver and the bottom half is Gold weird right? Well I’m not done yet. The next picture is of Trap Shadow but he is a little different his top half is Bronze and his bottom half is Silver. So is it safe for us to assume we can expect to see another Swappable variant with the top half being gold and the bottom being bronze? I think so. I haven’t seen any of them up on ebay yet but I was told the variants were found over seas in the UK. I suggest keeping an eye out as they may turn up soon in wild here in the US. Check out the pictures in the gallery to see exactly what they look like. What do you think about the new variants? Do you like them? Will you be getting them? Leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are. Special Thanks to GrowUpKids for sending me the pics. Good Luck and Happy Hunting Addicts! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!


Special Thanks go to Jeffrey Verdickt for sharing the photo of the Stink Bomb Variants he found in Belgium.

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Skylanders Swap Force Happy Meals Update

Morning Addicts!

A few weeks ago I told you guys about the new Swap Force toys coming to McDonald’s. Well according to the promotion will begin 3/28/14. That’s right just 3 days until we can get our very own Giant Chompy! Now for those of you that don’t eat at McDonald’s remember you don’t have to buy the food to get the toys. They can be purchased separately prices depend on the location because it could be a franchise store and have different prices than others. I know I’ll be at McDonalds grabbing breakfast and Skylanders come the 28th LOL! Catch you on the SKYSIDE! Good Luck Addicts & Happy Hunting!

Skylanders Swap Force Nitro Freeze Blade Hunting Target Exclusive! – YouTube

Hey Addicts!

As promised another Hunting Video from Bryan’s Toy Haven and Skylander Addicts! Bryan attempts to un-box Nitro Freeze Blade with wait for it…… A CAR! Is he successful? Guess you’ll have to check out the video to find out!! As always enjoy and please take a minute to Subscribe to the channels. TIA!

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Skylanders Swap Force Nitro Freeze Blade Hunting Target Exclusive! – YouTube.

via Skylanders Swap Force Nitro Freeze Blade Hunting Target Exclusive! – YouTube.

Where’s Nitro Magna Charge?

Nitro Magna Charge

Nitro Magna Charge

Hey Addicts!,

Today was a good day for us Portal Masters and Addicts with Nitro Freeze Blade being released today at Target. Unfortunately, there were no Nitro Magna Charge figures in site. Wonder what is happing with that? Hopefully we will see him turn up soon. He looks so cool! We will be releasing a new video soon with our buddy Bryan over at Bryan’s Toy Haven. So stay tuned to get a look at Nitro Freeze Blade during his hunting video.

For those of you still looking for the Easter Edition Skylanders Walmart stores have been getting shipments of them in all across the US. They have been selling out pretty fast as some of you have seen, but don’t worry if you haven’t gotten them yet. Toys R Us will be releasing them on Tuesday 3/25/14 so here is another chance at grabbing them. Remember Best Buy hasn’t had any in store as of yet, so you will still have another shot if you miss them at TRU. Good Luck and Happy Hunting! Hope to see more pics of what you guys scored. Post a picture of your score on our Facebook page ( link is below ) we love pictures! 🙂 Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Skylanders Swap Force Hunting Easter Contest Surprise! – YouTube

Bryan is at it again! Check out another Skylanders Hunting video brought to you by Skylander Addicts and Bryan’s Toy Haven. Please check out the easter contest and subscribe to our channels to stay updated on more cool videos & contests! Good Luck and Happy Hunting! Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

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Happy Spring Time!

Happy Spring Time!

Happy First Day of Spring from Spring Time Trigger Happy & Skylander Addicts!

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