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Skylanders Swap Force Spectacular Hits The UK


UK Portal Masters should be extremely excited about this event. The National Media Museum and Activision are hosting one heck of an event! There will be all kinds of cool Skylanders demonstrations and activity’s and the best part is it’s absolutely free, but you will have to register for a few of the events activities. You can get your picture taken and share it with friends, go behind the scenes and witness how characters are designed; challenges and stories are created, create your own Skylanders animated adventure, become a Skylanders designer and create your own Skylander out of Plasticine, see how 3D printers are used to bring characters from the computer screen to life, and more! Go to the National Media Museum website to get more details on the event. I would love to be able to attend this event myself, but unfortunately not enough notice. I’m hoping to be able to get some video and pictures to share with all of you. Hopefully we will see this event or events like this come to US. Will you be attending? If so, what are you looking forward to seeing or doing? Any of our UK readers that will be attending please share your experience with us we would love to hear all about it! As always I will be sure to keep you updated on all events like this until then, catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Frito Lay Contest Begins Today With New Skylanders

I’m up early not just cause I had to cook breakfast for the kids, but because the Frito Lay Name The Next Skylander Hero contest starts today. Unfortunately the website is still down with no minutes left on the counter. We did however find some images of 3 new Skylanders that seem to be developed for the new Skylandes game. Below in the gallery you will see the pictures of a Dolphin character with an Air and Water Symbol, a new Undead female character surrounded by bats, and the coolest of them all in my opinion is the Life element Hybrid Dragon Fly that looks like a cross between Characters Drobot,Camo and Swarm. I can’t wait until this contest starts I have so many names already in my head since seeing them. I think they look better than ever bringing you back to what the characters looked like in the first installment of the game. What are your thoughts on the new characters? Are you excited for this new contest? Special thanks go out to Dark Spyro reader DPShiro for sharing the images. Well Daddy duty calls so as always I’ll catch you all SKYSIDE!


Enchanted Star Strike At Walmart

Oh Boy! Do I have some good news for all you addicts out there. Today while I was doing my usual search for new stuff I came across a post on Dark Spyro. Dark Spyro reader spyroflame0487 shared this photo of Light Core Enchanted Star Strike found at a local Wal-Mart store.


I guess it is safe to assume that each store now has there own exclusives now like Toys R Us. Meaning we will be seeing Legendary Figures at Toys R Us, Enchanted Figures at Wal-Mart, and Nitro Figures at Target. I’m getting ready to go out and grab one or 2 for myself. Special thanks go out to spyroflame0487 for sharing the photo. Good luck on the hunt everyone catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Create A New Skylander Contest

Attention all UK followers this is for you. Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to make your own Skylander? Well here is your chance. GAME.CO.UK is giving away a Swap Force starter pack on whatever console you choose as well as a set of Wave 3 swappers Spy Rise, Rubble Rouser, and Stink Bomb. All you have to do is click the link, print off your entry, and draw away! All entries must be entered by February 28th, 2014. Good luck to all of you that enter the contest I’m excited to see all the cool artwork.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 12.49.50 PM

UK Fans Get Ready For Skylanders The Experience!



OMG! I am so jealous! All UK Portal Masters this is for you! For the first time ever Skylanders fans will be able to take part in a one of a kind Active Quest Adventure entitled Skylanders The Experience. There will be and obstacle course, interactive screen play, and a chance to hunt for clues all in the name of saving the world of Skylands! The adventure begins April 5th 2014 and ends April 21st 2014, so parents get your little portal master signed up fast cause I foresee this being sold out fast! The Skylanders Experience will take place at GLOW Bluewater and tickets £25+VAT per child and £10+VAT for each Adult. Go to for more info.

Hopefully we will see this come to the US as well because this looks like a lot of fun (fingers crossed).

What do you think about this upcoming event?

Will you be attending Skylanders The Experience?

If any of our UK followers do attend please take pictures and share them with us we would love to see them. Special thanks go to Skylander Addicts follower Natalie Scarcliffe for sharing this awesome information. In the words of Porky Pig “Th, Th, Th, That’s All Folks!” Catch you on the SKYSIDE!

Mega Bloks Toy Fair 2014 Images Released! Sneak Peak At Skylanders 4!


The internet has been going nuts about the Skylanders Mega Bloks images released by earlier today. They are pics of the upcoming Skylanders play sets, vehicle sets, construction sets, etc. that Mega Bloks will be releasing later this year. There are some familiar faces making another appearance, but a few things stick out like sore thumbs. There seems to be a few new characters pictured in some of the unreleased sets. Rumor has it that these are some of the new characters and items that may appear in the new Skylanders game.

We can see a Gold Lion character being released with the up coming Fire Fortress Elemental Zone construction set.


There also seems to be a knight character that seems to have a Legendary Skylander color scheme (black/gold) being included in the Cutthroath Carnival construction set. He strongly resembles the Undead Giant prototype that never made the cut (see pic below). 


There also is a set of ranger vehicles and hero figures that look really cool!


Again we see a new character in the Sky Hero Figure set he is toting twin Mega Hammers. I can’t tell what he is but he is orange and is wearing a gold helmet as well. Can one assume that these figures and vehicles will be added to the new game. If so will all the characters have a vehicle or will it be just a choice few? Maybe just the series 4 re-poses? Hmm….


There are pictures of other things that will be released such as Battle Packs and Battlers, which seem to be the new version of the battle portals.

There is also a new set of weapons being released, which are Chop Chop’s Sword and Ranger Bow & Arrow.


Now I know you maybe asking yourself what is a Ranger Bow & Arrow? Well there is a picture of a new dragon warrior or lizard fish character being released in the Skylanders Pirate Cove construction set. He is wielding a bow and arrow that resembles the Ranger Bow & Arrow pictured. We are assuming that Ranger is the name of the unknown character, but we have no conformation of that until we get more updates about the new game.


Apparently, the newest installment to the franchise is and I quote “A Game Changer”. So what do you think Activision has up it’s sleeve? Are you even more excited to see what the new game will be? Well, whatever it is I can’t wait to see it, own it, and play it! As always we will keep you updated as we get more information. Special thanks to Figures.Com and Dark Spyro followers Diggeh and Mattomax for sharing the info. Catch you on the SKYSIDE!    

Skylanders – exclusive interview – BT

Skylanders – exclusive interview – BT.

via Skylanders – exclusive interview – BT.

Hands-on with Skylanders Spring Edition: Springtime Trigger Happy, Punk Shock, and Fryno review – Pocket-lint

Here is a quick look at some of the wave 4 figures that Activision displayed at Toy Fair 2014. Pocket-Lint had a chance to get a hands on experience with them. They look even better out of package than in. Enjoy

Hands-on with Skylanders Spring Edition: Springtime Trigger Happy, Punk Shock, and Fryno review – Pocket-lint.

via Hands-on with Skylanders Spring Edition: Springtime Trigger Happy, Punk Shock, and Fryno review – Pocket-lint.

Skylanders Blog – Skylanders 4 Update, Sneak Peek

Here is a small update about Skylanders 4. Hope this wets your whistle for now. It honestly has me thirsty for more info. Check out the article from Skylanders Characters. Enjoy! Skylanders Blog – Skylanders 4 Update, Sneak Peek.

via Skylanders Blog – Skylanders 4 Update, Sneak Peek.

Crayola & General Mills Join Activision’s Skylanders License Program

logo_Act_Black_Logo copy Skylanders_StandAlone_L_webready

Looks like we have some new things to add to the collection coming real soon. Crayola and General Mills has announced that they have joined Activision’s License Program. We can expect to see some really cool stuff coming this spring and summer.


According to Business Wire Activision and Crayola will be releasing unique Skylanders-branded color and activity formats. The specialty line will include Crayola’s signature formats including Color Wonder, Giant Coloring Pages and Xtreme Coloring, among other new platforms and will be available this holiday at top retail channels worldwide.


Also, starting in June, a new promotion with General Mills will release Skylanders-shaped Fruit Flavored Snacks to fans all over North America. This relationship marks Activision’s first entry into the category and will bring six character favorites, including Chompy, Gill Grunt, Jet Vac, Kaos, Stealth Elf and Eruptor to grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores and mass market retailers.


We can also expect to see more from previous licensee companies such as POWER A (Carrying Cases & Game Accessories), Mad Dog Concepts (Sleepwear), ABG Accessories (Headwear & Cold Weather), Thermos (Lunch Kits & FUNtainers™), FAB (Backpacks & School Supplies), PTI (Easter), American Greetings (Party Goods & Supplies) and Rubie’s Costumes (Halloween) in 2014.

There is so much more information in the article check it out on your down time. My kids are already going bonkers they can’t wait to color and eat fruit snacks Skylanders style. To be honest I can’t wait to do it with them, but don’t tell anyone lol! Are you excited about the new products being released? Let me know your thoughts on the announcement. Special thanks go out to fellow addict Marty Jordan for sharing the article with us.

Catch you on the SKYside!

Source: Market Watch

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