New Variants! Game Stop Black Friday Ad LEAKED!

Hey Addicts!

Since the release of Skylanders Swap-Force things have been heating up as retailers are gearing up for Black Friday. Nintendo Everything has obtained a copy of the 2013 Game Stop Black Friday Ad. There are some great deals coming up on starter packs, but the thing that has caught everyone’s attention and mine is the Wii U bundle being offered. Just like the Gnarly Tree Rex Blue Wii Bundle that came with the release of Skylanders Giants, the Wii U bundle also has an Exclusive! The bundle comes with a White Wii U, a new Portal of Power, the new Swap Force game and three figures that includes what looks like a Gold Wash Buckler Variant. The Bundle is $299.99 so for those of you that don’t have the Wii U this will be an awesome deal!

There also is news of a Green Riptide set to be released. The Skylanders Boy and Girl’s Facebook page has a picture of the Skylanders Game’s Youtube channel’s new episode of the Boomcast! In the picture you see the host holding a translucent Green Riptide resembling the translucent Green Gill Grunt Wal-Mart released in there bundle last year. It is still no information on where this new variant will be released, but The Skylander Dad seems to think it may also be a Wal-Mart Exclusive if Activision follows it previous release pattern. We will just have to wait and see what happens. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until I can get my hands on these two guys! Looks like the hunt has just gotten more intense! If anyone gets there hands on the figures first please share pictures with us. That’s it for now catch you guys on the SKYSIDE!

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  1. I want to start to put all my photos up on my camera, and start a blog or something. Where is a good place to do this like a website or something, do i have to copyright them thanks :).


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